Gordon Greenidge at Lord’s in 1984

Gordon Greenidge is always worth writing about and his 214 not out in the fourth innings at Lord’s in 1984 deserves better treatment than we’ve given it over at Cricinfo.

Stu and Ash are going to take a break for a while now and we’re going to do something a bit different with our next few pieces at Cricinfo. We’re going to try something a little more subtle. The provisional title is Captain Maximum and his Six-Hitting Marketing Machine of Misery.

It’s not called that. It’s so subtle we can’t even come up with a sensible name for it if we’re honest. It’s actually possible that we’re confusing ‘subtle’ with ‘insipid’. Guess we’ll find out if it gets rejected or via the comments if it does get approved.

Anyway, Gordon Greenidge.

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14 Appeals

  1. You should start writing about the future. No one really cares much about the past these days. The damn modern generation. But a match in Mumbai in the year 2021 with England needing four off the last ball? With Graham Gooch’s clean-shaven son facing a bearded Arjun Tendulkar who is famous for his lethal yorkers? I’d read that.

    • King Cricket

      December 19, 2011 at 2:41 pm

      That’s weird, the new thing is kind of in the future.

    • Science fiction is the new history

    • Brilliant ideas, people – Sci-Fi Future Cricket, based on the premise that while working in his lab one day in 2014, Mike Gatting accidentally discovers the secret of cloning cricketers. The very next season, England turns out a test team with Cook and Cook opening the batting, and Trott, Trott and Trott in the middle order. Scores of 900 for 4 declared become common.

      Meanwhile, Cricket Australia tries the same thing, but due to an horrific mix up with the DNA samples they end up with a four-Johnson pace attack.

      It’s like Brave New World with no appreciable downside.

    • I’m a bit woried that Bert may be seeking inspiration from the same chemicals as Aldous Huxley did.

    • what could be more nerdy than cricket AND sci-fi.

    • brad, Congratulations on the correct use of the term “nerd”. Countless times have I seen people use geek, dork, and nerd interchangeably. Sigh!

      PS: There’s a Venn for that: http://bit.ly/937MJa

    • King Cricket

      December 19, 2011 at 5:12 pm

      Cracking Venn.

    • There is another Venn for that: http://xkcd.com/747/

  2. Nice to see a Venn here. It’s been too long.

  3. Masterpieces x2 – both the “Stu and Ash” article and the Venn.

    I realise that life is worth living when I come here and find stuff like this.

  4. Errr, I should probably mention that I share none of Ged’s Venn drawing skills and that the one you see above is stolen from the interwebs.

  5. Brilliant Venn. I can finally characterize myself with some clarity.

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