India are better than Sri Lanka

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And by some margin.

Even India’s bowling’s doing the job at the minute. They usually win one-dayers despite holding some sort of festival of pie-chucking when they’re in the field, so now they’re all but unbeatable.

As for the batting, Rohit Sharma’s become unexpectedly efficient, while Shikhar Dhawan and his moustache remain the players of the tournament. Kohli, Karthik and Dhoni are barely needed.

This side actually looks miles better than the one that won the World Cup. They fully deserve to share the Champions Trophy following Sunday’s rain abandonment.


Mike Gatting wasn't receiving the King Cricket email when he dropped that ludicrously easy chance against India in 1993.


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  1. If they do get a game in on Sunday, are you going to apologise for your incessant doom-mongering?

    And if they don’t, are you going to apologise for your incessant fate-tempting?

    Somehow I suspect I know the answer.

    1. Apologies are for people who are wrong about things.

      The rain will be of biblical proportions. Only for a shorter duration.

    2. Fish, iron, doom, costers – all these are rightly and properly mongered. But most things are just sold. Why? I don’t think it’s fair; I think everything should be mongered. I think Amazon would sell more if they called themselves online bookmongers.

    3. A good spot, Smudge. I wonder if anyone else knows of a type of monger from their personal field of expertise.

      I think it has applications in cricket commentary, like describing Philip Hughes a slapmonger.

      “Anderson now is up to the wicket and he mongers a beautiful away swinger, what excellent mongery that was, far too good for the slapmonger Hughes at the other end, lucky not to monger an edge to the slips. Australia remain at 35 for 6. Still 987 behind. Following on.”

  2. even by d/l standards, that one does seem head-scratchingly bizarre. but i daresay it makes sense if one sits down and works it all out properly. (they must still feel pretty sick in the middlesex dressing room, mind.)

  3. From BBC Radio 2 this morning:

    “England will face India in the Champions Trophy final on Sunday, but of course the real big sporting tie of the weekend is the First Test between the British and Irish Lions and Australia on Saturday morning.”

  4. The Sri Lankan gentleman in the corner shop tells me that he predicted Sri Lanka’s demise at the hands of India days ago and had been telling anyone who’d listen that India would thrash Sri Lanka but would go on to lose against England in the final.

    He is a Sri Lankan gentleman, so he knows what he is talking about.

    In other news, I wanted to see whether KC had added Shikhar to his top trumps game, as he surely must be up there in the facial hair category. But when I press the play button all that comes up is:

    “Cannot connect to database, check your settings in config.php”

    I’m gutted. But not as much as the chaps with high scores in the big girth category, obviously.

    1. Ged, you clearly need to check your settings in config.php. Not connecting to the database is a serious problem. You can’t just ignore these things or they will get worse.

    2. Oh no. That’s two regular readers who’ve tried to play the game recently. At some point we might have to look into why it’s not working.

    3. Keep the pressure on, people. If everyone asks where it is several times daily for months on end, he might decide to think about considering doing something. Later.

    4. I’m not convinced I’m getting value for money around here, when half the features don’t work.

      I might just take my hard-earned elsewhere if this level of service continues.

      Especially at these prices, it is outragious, frankly.

    1. That’s what I want! Do you have the files that you printed and laminated from? I’m going to Day 1 of the Notts test and I need something to keep the Aussies in our group from crying.

    2. It’s going to rain, Bert. From now until the end of the season. Then it will stop. Until April next year. When it will start again. And so on.

  5. Price. Whoever gave them to you must be an awfully top chap.

    Bert. I believe somewhere on my computer I do indeed have the files. Would you care for me to send them to you?

    1. If you don’t want to publish your respective email addresses, we can serve as a go-between.

      It’s the least we can do what with all the half-arsedness and broken promises.

    2. Yes please. You can send Dan my email address KC, if you’d be so kind. Based on your avatar, Dan, I can only assume you are a completely trustworthy chap.

  6. not related to anything much, but i was just looking at the derbs-som scorecard. i love the fact that derbs have a bowler called footitt 🙂 never noticed that before (or even come across that surname before!)

    1. Mark Footitt played for Notts for some years.

      Didn’t know that he’d moved up the road to Derby. Frankly, if you had asked me, I’d have suggested he might have quit/been permanently stretchered-off.

  7. No-doubt that India cricket team is better than Sri Lankan team because Indian team has great batting lineup and they can change any game at any time. I hope India will win the title of champions trophy.

  8. So, predictions for the final anyone? Assuming KC’s doom-mongering does not come to pass…

    1. England to win 5-0.

      Unless you mean to include the return series as
      well, in which case England to win 10-0.

      Good to see our boys playing a few exhibition matches to warm up for the big contest – there’s one on tomorrow in Brum, weather permitting, I’m led to believe. I’ll probably give it a look.

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