Is Hardik Pandya the best all-rounder in the world?

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One of the problems with asking questions such as this is what time-frame do you use to make your assessment? Performances over the last year, over the last five years, over the last ten years?

We’re going make our assessment based on performances over the last 24 hours. This leads us to conclude that yes, Hardik Pandya is indeed the best all-rounder in the world.

Emerging with India 76-5 against South Africa, he made 93 off 95 balls. After that, he sauntered in and took 2-17.

Best all-rounder operating today. Without a doubt.


  1. Given that a lot of the arguments about “best of all time” are futile since they can’t take into consideration how playing conditions have changed over the years, maybe one should always only consider the past 24 hours.

    That would, however, mean that Shaun Marsh is the best batsman in the world.

  2. Hardik is certainly one member of the India team who has risen to the occasion.

    Meanwhile, Daryll Cullinan has said that yesterday’s rain ‘pushes out the potentiality of an India win’. FML.

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