Mahendra Singh Dhoni is skipping the match that you’ve waited all year to go and see

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The kid who sits next to you at that match will have been waiting for a tenth of his life. He’ll find out that his hero isn’t playing and he’ll cry.

“Players know their body best and in future more and more players would come out and say that they are going to skip events.”

That’s the Indian captain saying that, people. He’s just about the most important figure in cricket. Don’t tell us it’s Lalit Modi from the IPL – he’s not in cricket, because he’s not a cricketer. He’s merely a businessman and is therefore just someone who wants a slap – like all businessmen who’ve ever lived.

MS Dhoni might be watching telly next time you watch IndiaThere are three points of view about Dhoni’s comment:

(1) Children should be disappointed by their heroes and made to cry, because that’s what life’s about: disappointment and crying, perhaps with a dose of pessimism – which the experience should also teach them.

(2) International cricket is clearly full of players operating at 80% to try and conserve their energy for future matches. Surely that’s what county cricket is for.

(3) Maybe it would be nice if people could arrange things so that we could see the best cricketers playing at their best.

We also have a question. Is Dhoni resigned to this and stating facts, like the pragmatist he is, or is he stirring?


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  1. I’m not sure what’s sadder. The bare truth behind Dhoni’s statement or the fact that, even with a good stretch, I am physically unable to kick Lalit Modi square in the nuts.

  2. Dhoni plays for India, so it’s impossible for him to skip any match I’d be particularly interested in.

  3. Dhoni doesn’t play for England, so I’m not particularly interested whether he plays or not in any match. He can do what he wants.

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