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Just close your eyes, stick your arse out, wobble your bat at a funny angle and hope. It’ll be fine. This is the technique for dealing with the moving ball.

There is absolutely no way that this is the wrong approach. Three people out? Just stick with it. It’ll reap rewards eventually. One day.

Of course balls always move, but not always sideways. Make the Aussies bat against swing bowling or on a green pitch and suddenly it’s catching practice. Today against New Zealand, only Michaels Clarke and Hussey  knew what to do as Australia were bowled out for 214.

What are Australian domestic pitches like? Are they generally flat and true? Has the last 10 years of Australian batting dominance roughly coincided with a period where Test match pitches worldwide have been produced like Australian pitches?

Test cricket these days requires tall bowlers (preferably quick) and wrist spinners. Nothing wrong with that, they’re two of the best sorts of bowlers, but it does seem to us that swing bowlers and finger spinners used to have more of a role in Test cricket and that these are two types of bowler that have never really thrived in Australia.


Mike Gatting wasn't receiving the King Cricket email when he dropped that ludicrously easy chance against India in 1993.


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  1. The Kiwis aren’t exactly thriving with the bat at the Gabba this week either.

    But the cricket world should make the Aussies feel at home when they coime to visit. they have such a long way to travel and they so hate losing.

  2. Funny how you just carp on about Australia and have made absolutely no mention the past several posts, on England’s dismal showing against India 3 matches in a row. I suppose you’re so used to rubbish from England, you hadn’t even noticed it. Bit like complaining about the smell of French toilets, when all London smells like one.

  3. Hopefully they can play some good cricket and turn it around. They’re definitely showing some encouraging signs.

  4. We covered both of the first two one-day internationals fully Steve. We even managed to squeeze in a bit of ‘England are crap’ carping in between them. Now we’re bored of that.

    We’re not one-eyed. We’ll slag anyone off. How dare you question our unprofessional impartiality.

  5. loving it loving it loving it.

    cricket balls still swing, didnt see much of this in india did we.

    good to see the quicks getting some action. its been a brilliant test so far, hopefully the kiwis can notch up a win.

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