Do you like Mahendra Singh Dhoni?

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MS Dhoni - a haircut that could teach mathsAt first he was all sixes and flowing locks. Now he’s all nudged singles and hair that should be in charge of train timetables; hair you’d happily lend £20 to, safe in the knowledge that it would be returned promptly and possibly even with interest because it had been invested with such wisdom.

The more sensible he becomes, the more we like him. To wilfully court accusations of being boring when you can hit the ball into next week while you yourself are airborne says that this is someone who really, really cares about winning above all else. You want players like that in your side.


Mike Gatting wasn't receiving the King Cricket email when he dropped that ludicrously easy chance against India in 1993.


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  1. How many cricketers is it possible to have on a list of cricketers about whom one is not bothered either way? Theoretically all of them, I suppose, but then I guess you’d would be hard pushed to actually like cricket very much if that was the case. Anyway, Dhoni’s on that list, probably.

  2. In all due fairness, teams have been bowling better to him too, shielding their spinners from his wrath. But yes, I do agree – he doesn’t care how he gets them.

    I challenge KC to compile a XI of the ugliest batsmen (cricket-wise) ever, without including the likes of McGrath.

  3. Daneel-
    finding it hard to understand the concepts ‘Ian Bell’ and ‘preference’ being involved with each other in any way.

  4. That’s the way I roll. I refuse to toe the party line of studious indifference. I’m just a zany individualist, me.

  5. Same here. The more he nurdles to glory, the more I adore him. We’ve enough empty headed six hitters who are adept at throwing their wicket the moment the going gets tough. Dhoni is a virtual godsend. I don’t remember any player dominating the ODI rankings like him. He’s been atop that for a good two years now and shows no sign of ceding it either. Awesome. Simply awesome

  6. I like him. When I first saw him he had the longer hair, with highlights in it, and I (to my shame) instantly judged him and thought “ugh. How much does he love himself? Bound to be a cock”. But the more I saw of him the more I liked. In a film he would be the cool guy who turns out to have a sensitive side. I especially liked the discretion and modesty of his celebrations when India won the first world twenty20 – everyone else was going crazy and dancing around but he was behaving in a much more restrained fashion and letting everyone else crowd in front of him in photos etc.

  7. Watching him bat on the 3rd day at Brebourne was a revelation. After Harbhajan got out, Dhoni instantly went into a shell. Forget hitting boundaries, he was not even taking singles which seemed there for the taking. Obviously the crowd got restless first, then angry. Soon everyone was actually booing him. The suddenly he seemed to have woken up and started hitting the ball into the pavilion every over. The crowd went crazy.

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