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When playing the on-drive, always remember the following mantra. The batsman whose shoulder rolls counter-topwise places undue emphasis on hip position and will often play bethwart the intended line.

Yes, of course we all know the dangers inherent in a counter-topwise rolling shoulder, but are we always aware of it? Do we slip into lazy habits? What should we do instead? Is there a way of guarding against this?

The answers are yes, yes, place our feet better and remember the mantra.

As a footnote to this, there is an argument against combating the counter-topwise rolling shoulder. It was said that on occasions no less a batsman than the Don himself would deliberately roll his shoulder counter-topwise specifically so as to play bethwart the line.

Any enthusiastic counter-topwise shoulder rollers buoyed by this revelation, might also like to note that he would only ever do this against left-armers when the ball breached the full by under an inch and swung semi-late to leg, however. Try it to a ball swinging fully late and you’ll end up with a certain amount of egg on your face. Obviously.

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10 Appeals

  1. Two bethwarts in one piece, KC.


  2. Are you sure you didn’t mean Beth Swart

  3. Love the idea of someone who is new to cricket stumbling upon this.

  4. KC. When is it best to play the on drive?

  5. I once bought some countertop wise shoulder rollers, they were more than worth the money. Much better long term value than anything you’d want to roll on your wise shoulders from under the counter.

  6. How about a wicket keeping lesson for Kamran?

    • King Cricket

      March 15, 2011 at 8:44 pm

      Take your wicketkeeping gloves, Kamran, and hand them to a responsible adult.

      Not so much a lesson as advice.

    • I suppose “bethwart” is reserved only for the worthy. Makes sense.

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