Once upon a time Joe Denly did something good

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Joe Denly - supposedly the subject of this updateThree problems with the Twenty20 Cup.

(1) While the matches are at a great time for supporters, they’re at a rubbish time for people writing about them because they finish during the beer hours.
(2) There are about ten matches a day and we quite simply don’t have ten pieces of concentration to utilise. We have half a concentration, which we spread thinly.
(3) There are about ten matches EVERY day, so when you write about one match, it’s already midway through the next one and when that writing appears on the site, the second match has finished and everyone’s looking forward to a third match.

Hopefully the county restructuring will address some of this, but we’re not counting on it. There have been any number of brilliant ideas about what to do, yet the only plans that are being bandied about by Giles Clarke and the ECB are demented ones involving picking names out of a hat to decide what division teams will appear in, because they want to abolish promotion and relegation.

Joe Denly hit 91 off 57 balls on Sunday. No-one cares now though.


Mike Gatting wasn't receiving the King Cricket email when he dropped that ludicrously easy chance against India in 1993.


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  1. I’d personally like to nominate Joe Denly as “young man most likely to break in to your house and nick your stereo whilst you’re asleep”, but does have very stiff competition in the form of Chris Taylor from Gloucestershire.

  2. I care KC. I was there and his innings was exhilarating.

    Spigot, do you lie in bed thinking up crap comments or do they just come naturally? I’ve met and spoken to him lots of times and you are a rubbish judge of character as he’s a really decent bloke.

    And yes, just in case it needs clarifying I, am indeed having a sense of humour failure over this.


  3. I just like Denly’s nickname of No-Pants – or possibly in Sarah, Canterbury’s terms No-Pah!s

  4. Thank you Ceci. I think that’s helped the sense of humour restoration rather splendidly. Daresay will need to gird my loins for more of the same though when our friend returns…

  5. As one of my friends has always maintained, it doesn’t count if you’re asleep.


  6. Ahh my work here is done.

    I was purely going on outward appearances, in the most dubious way. I’ve not seen Joe play much, but I keep seeing Chris Taylor, and he very much deserved his MotM at Edgbaston the other day. I wouldn’t leave my child or wallet within 20 years of him.

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