Professional cricketers fail to act their age

Owais Shah is dismissed for needless yogaA top score of 31 and a third of the team getting run out? A fielding side that dives around after everything like it’s tanked-up on E numbers? It’s under-11s cricket, isn’t it?

There was a disappointingly small number of wides and the match wasn’t decided by the one kid who can actually play cricket, but essentially England and New Zealand played like a bunch of ten-year-olds. New Zealand did it in a good way. England did it in a bad way.

No after-match Monster Munch for you, England. None whatsoever.

New Zealand v England, first one-day international at Wellington
England 130 all out
New Zealand 131-4 (Stuart Broad 3-26)

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1 Appeal

  1. Briiliant!!

    I know I’d be in a real bad mood, and up for it in the next game, if my mum took my post match monster munch!

    Post match monster munch, and rola cola.

    All a professional cricketer needs to inspire them.

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