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Marston’s have brought out a new beer because they sponsor England. It’s called Pedigree Six on account of it being 6%. Mmm, boozy.

We’re going to drink four ‘Sixes’ in honour of Dimitri Mascarenhas’s four sixes the other day (and with perhaps a nod towards our own alcohol dependence as well.)


For Mascarenhas, not Sobers

Tomorrow, when we go for our run, it’ll be like we’re Dimitri Mascarenhas training with England after his four sixes!

Only there won’t be any England players, we’ll be alone. And it won’t feel like we’ve hit four sixes, it’ll feel like we missed a short one and taken it in the head. And it won’t be nice and warm, it’ll be winter. And we won’t be getting paid.

Other than that, it’ll be JUST LIKE we’re Dimitri Mascarenhas after his four sixes!

We really should become an international cricketer. Look how excited we get.


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  1. There’s almost certainly a joke in here about how Garry Sobers hit six sixes and honouring it by drinking six Sixes and the fact that his name was ‘Sobers’.

    We’re not making that joke though.

  2. Atheist, I’ve already raised the Jesse Ryder issue with Kingcricket and it turns out he’s not his type. I was surprised too.

  3. Indeed it is. What do you think, Miriam, is he just getting picky in his old age or does his celebrity blogger status preclude him from indulging in interests that would seem unflattering if exposed in the glossy magazines?

  4. When we appear in the glossies, it’ll be with Cosgrove on our left and Ian Austin on our right.

    Okay. Maybe Ryder should get some attention. He’s pretty well-cushioned. He’ll have to earn an update though and we’re a bit worried that we haven’t actually got anything to say.

    Doesn’t normally stop us.

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