Dimitri Mascarenhas is handy down the order

Dimitri Mascarenhas - keeping Ctrl-C Ctrl-V in business since 1996England don’t often find batsman who are pretty good. They have good and great batsmen at the top of the order and they have rubbish and not awful batsmen down the order, but there always seems to be a number eight-shaped hole in the batting card.

In one-day cricket at least Dimitri Mascarenhas fits the bill. Whether it’s Twenty20 or 50-over cricket, there are few England players you’d sooner see arriving at the crease when there’s a couple of overs to go and a total pleading for sixes.

Last summer, against India, Dimitri Mascarenhas finished an England innings with five sixes off the last five balls. Today, against New Zealand in the first Twenty20 match, he hit four in a row off Jeetan Patel.

He’s obviously pretty good at this. In fact, he’s hit 10 sixes in one-day internationals and only one four. We can’t bring the four to mind, but presumably it dropped a yard short rather than being played along the ground.

Mascarenhas also had the decency to justify his place in the team by taking 2-19 from his four overs.

David Lloyd called him ‘Danger Anus’ once. We don’t think that’s caught on just yet.

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14 Appeals

  1. King Cricket

    February 5, 2008 at 11:32 am

    And yes, we know that he batted at seven today and therefore didn’t fill that number eight-shaped hole, but usually he’s an eight.

  2. he seems to have quite a few sweet spots in his bat…and relish this type of situation where he can have a go without fear of failure…

  3. He certainly plays attacking cricket, just like all your other born and bred english players, he was brought up in a village with bulldog grit and such.

  4. King Cricket

    February 6, 2008 at 8:37 am

    All our born and bred attacking cricketers are sitting around in Australia’s middle order getting called names by Indian spinners.

  5. Bred, being the Caribbean?

  6. King Cricket

    February 6, 2008 at 11:04 am

    Not sure ‘half-bred’ is a phrase we really want to introduce to this site. Anyway. Since when has Australia’s team been so indigenous?

    We’re not even sure what the point is here. Who wants dullard born and bred Englishmen in their team? They’re a bunch of effete, over-educated, top hat-wearing, pompous bastards.

  7. Too bloody right King Cricket.

    We are far too nice, to really want to beat the natives, consistently

    It’s manners that maketh the man, what, what.

  8. We have had 2 aboriginal players play cricket in the last ten years.

    Thats pretty good.

  9. Dimithri is originally from good old sri lanka ,you see…

  10. what would Norman Yebbitt say? He’d be spinning in his grave, if he were dead.

    n.b. the exact number of b’s and t’s in his lordship’s name is yet to be clarified.

  11. sometimes I cry my self to sleep when I re-read things I’ve typed.
    It’s just sad.

  12. King Cricket

    February 11, 2008 at 12:59 pm

    You must be virtually in a coma.

  13. yes, a tear soaked coma.

  14. Actually Dmitri was born in Chiswick, London.

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