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ShivNot many people would be undersold by a title like Lord Megachief of Gold, but Shiv is. If you haven’t been paying attention to the West Indies v Australia Test series – it has been clashing with crucial County Championship division two fixtures after all – you’ll not know how the rickety crab’s been doing.

He’s been doing well.

He hit a hundred in the first Test and he hit an unbeaten hundred in the second Test. The world might be chock-full of things that are frightening and new, but Shiv is Shiv and we can all sleep at nights knowing that’s always going to be the case.


Mike Gatting wasn't receiving the King Cricket email when he dropped that ludicrously easy chance against India in 1993.


Why risk it when it's so easy to sign up?


  1. Finally saw him play last year when he came to Canterbury. Tredders got him out for 4 in the first innings. Woo.

    Sadly he wasn’t required to bat in the second as Durham managed the 52 they needed without him….

    Did feel privileged to see him on a cricket field in the flesh as it were.

  2. I’ve become increasingly scared of him recently (not Runako Morton in a dark alley scary of course. of course.) more the associations with his name and old toothbrushes with razor blades in them, and sharpened ball point pen cases and packing tape.

  3. He is Stabby McStab Stab, so i can understand the fear, but Shiv shoots coppers. That’s some bad ass team.

    Can you ever imagine anyone in The England squad shooting or stabbymcstabstabbing someone?

    I can’t.

  4. Just read the Spin, from the Guardian, and Matthew Hayden, said “I’ll be back bigger and better than ever,” Is that possible?? Can he get any bigger??

  5. I stood next to Shiv at Canterbury and believe me with those black things under his eyes he looked very scary.

  6. But he’s got no eyes in that photo – just giant black voids! He’s probably just smiling at getting away with stabbing another victim.

  7. Suave, I wasn’t planning on getting into his house at night. Think I’m safe.

    Spigot, is fb scarier than Shiv, then? Hadn’t realised I was so brave.

  8. It’s not scary it’s more like “a wholly misguided web2.0 bubble site for misguided people who assume that everyone in the world has a facebook account despite the fact that facebook has now peaked and is losing net membership for the past few months. and is rubbish anyway i mean who actually cares who writes on their wall or their megawall and poking and superpoking honestly they only do it to get your prviate information so they can sell it on for waste profits what a total waste of ajax and what is all that i’m ceo bitch nonsense what a prat he his bet he blows all the money on cocaine and maybe he’s mates with mohammed asif there i managed to get back to cricket somehow” kinda thing, you know?

  9. Not that you feel strongly about it then… !!

    I don’t actually expect everyone to have an account. Many of my real life friends in fact don’t.

    Last year I watched Kent at Canterbury on my own and didn’t go to away matches because I wasn’t brave enough to go alone. This season I have a choice of who I sit with, both home and away, because I’ve met people through the fb cricket groups. I’m careful about who I do meet up with there but it’s completely changed things for me in a good way. Fb isn’t all bad. It’s just a matter of being sensible.

  10. Personalinformationbook? Get an account for the hell of it and don’t give them any of your details. Its perfectly doable. Data sellers, Pah!

  11. still plenty plenty information there, your location from your IP, your demographic based on your “friends” etc…

    btw KC, sorry if i’m posting too much (not sure if that’s deemed possible) I’m currently working notice in a god awful IT firm with very little to do…

  12. Spigot, this site’s benefitted from the occasional period of notice-working somewhere godawful before now.

    Post away.

  13. You know what, i actually do have a arsebook account, I just don’t like admitting it… do i join that group?? really don’t want to get sucked in…

  14. Ha Spigot, a rant too much – thought you had an account!

    Well you won’t see my lovely face as I’m not a Carib Grackle! Sarah does have a picture of me, but I’m quite far away in the crowd at Canterbury, [but in that photo ‘next’ to my favourite Durham player! So good going]

    I quite like going to away matches on my own, I think its quite liberating.

    But does one get drawn into the FB King Cricket group at the expense of the real thing?

  15. No SixSixEight – there’s been virtually no activity in it since it was set up! We should change that, albeit never at the expense of here.

    Woo – you’re in my photo? I shall have to get the magnifying glass out!

    And I’ve seen your photos on Flickr. All I can say is “wow”.

    Go on, Spigot… you know you want to!

  16. Dont bother with the magnifyer – I have a camera in front of my face! So I still retain that air of mystery – well just!

  17. I think he looks like he went to a fancy dress party as one of the Village People and mistakenly used indelible facepaint. Perhaps I watch too much Phoenix Nights.

  18. I try not to notice Owais Shah. Even if he is a reasonable batsman.

  19. And now Shiv’s got a 50 to go with his two hundreds. It’s kind of reassuring that not even the Aussies can get him out.

  20. Good on the windies, makes up… well… a bit… for the dodgy calls, it’d have been galling to have lost by lunch or tea knowing if the calls were better you’d still be able to make a very honourable draw.

    And there’s the draw with 5 overs left.

  21. Ah those Guyanese! Good stuff from Ramnaresh and Shiv. I saw them in Georgetown in the world cup, they were the only resistance, in a loss to Sri Lanka. I did think about asking Shiv about Guyana, but I let that one go, take it from me, if he’s not smiling then he looks dead scary close up!

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