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Not us, obviously. Our luddism is far too deeply-ingrained. Other people.

Uncle J Rod has embraced the podcast. Actually, being as it’s J Rod, he’s more molested the podcast and stuck his tongue down its ear. They appear weekly and most surprisingly, he sounds like an Australian in them. We were certain he was French.

Also overdue a mention are The Atheist’s ‘viddy-blogs’. Early efforts are endearingly haphazard. The most recent, The Vaughan Identity, is remarkably polished and sleek, like a buffed whippet. However, our favourite remains Video 7, partly for the cameo appearance of a fez, but largely because of Tim Ambrose’s dismissal. Genius.

Please don’t draw any direct comparisons between the effort that goes into either of these sites and the effort that goes into ours.


  1. *blushes*

    Aw, cheers KC. No one has ever called me a buffed whippet before.

    And I’m pretty certain tha no one else will call me it again.

  2. J Rod, if it presses charges, we’ll be a character witness.

    Atheist, you could attract sleeker and better polished comparisons yet.

  3. Enough of this blogging love-in, I feel violated and dirty and that never happens when i’m looking round the internet.

    But both podcast and viddy-blogs are brilliant, although Sidebottom needs more hair, especially when taking a hat-trick.

  4. viddy blogs? are you spurning “vlog” or “vodcast”? If so, I salute you they are neologisms too far.

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