Sourav Ganguly looking really quite pissed off

While wearing a stupid hat.

[This post used to contain a picture of Sourav wearing an East 17 hat while signing autographs at this point. Annoyingly, we can’t find it now.]

No joke. We just really like this picture.

Don’t make eye contact, Sourav. Write something dismissive as well. That’ll show him. Bloody kids with their unquestioning devotion.

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5 Appeals

  1. This strikes me as a particularly indian way of hearing a winter hat. You deny it.

  2. I have the very same hat, i probably get more use out of it in the big city of london then he does in Mumbai. Im sure that must be all i have in common with him though.

  3. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a photo of Ganguly not looking really quite pissed off. Or at least rather disgruntled.

  4. poor sourav just off camera is sachin surrounded by a thousand very attractive young women.
    Hes just got a small child who got sachins earier and thinks hes Dravid

  5. can’t he pay someone to do autographs for him.

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