Sohail Tanvir is Pakistan’s ‘go to’ bowler

Got the face onBecause if you go to anyone else, you have to enter an isolation unit and get decontaminated afterwards.

We don’t know for definite, but we imagine that Sohail Tanvir’s in a bad mood. Sohail’s one quarter of a four-man attack and one of the other quarters, Shoaib Akhtar, has got flu and a second, Mohammad Sami, is also rumoured to be under the weather.

This has meant that Sohail Tanvir has had to bowl 24 overs and in Kolkata, that’s no easy work. He’s probably done well to only go for 118 runs. We read one report that described him as looking ‘ragged’. We’re not surprised.

There’s something very satisfying about Sohail Tanvir’s beard. It’s short yet heavy. It almost looks like some enthusiastic marker pen work.

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5 Appeals

  1. The only thing that Sohail Tanvir, and go to, had in common today , was that almost every ball he bowled at Wasim Jaffer, seemed to “go to” the boundary!

  2. He has a nice head of hair on him. Shiny.

  3. To be fair, poor old Tanvir was so overworked that he eventually resorted to bowling left-arm off spin.

  4. i like your style but during man of the match cant control on your selp means y u lough can u explain me. zahid jang from Dubai

  5. I like your style very much.the first time i saw u bowl i was surprised that the same bowling action i bowl in right arm.i was surprised to see you.and now i’m proud that everyone says me that you bowl as if sohail tanvir.

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