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It’s been a while since anyone was interested, so what the fudge is going on over there?

Well, everyone’s played either 11 or 12 matches out of 14. Rajasthan Royals are top for whom Mr Ego, Shane Warne, is both captain AND coach. Two points behind them are Kings XI Punjab, who are ‘our’ team.

Being a dyed-in-the-wool, through-and-through Kings XI Punjab diehard FANATIC, we’ve ignored about their last ten games, although we do know that they won their last match by a single run, which must have been pretty exciting.

Once all the teams have completed their 14 matches, a whopping four teams out of the eight are discarded and the remaining four contest semi finals and a final, which pretty much flies in the face of the whole ‘league’ concept. Knock out matches? That’s a cup.

It's Sohail Tanvir as well as Sohail Tanvir's beard and hairSohail Tanvir‘s probably the pick of the bowlers. He’s got one of the lowest averages and he’s only gone for six an over. Of the batsmen, Benevolent Uncle Sanath and Virender Sehwag are the ones who’ve scored a good number of runs at the necessarily ludicrous pace to draw attention.

The end. Check back here in about October if you want news on the knock-out stages, because that’s probably when we’ll get round to covering them


Mike Gatting wasn't receiving the King Cricket email when he dropped that ludicrously easy chance against India in 1993.


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  1. Tanvir has a great freakshow of an action, i hope he is around for the next few months, and not just a short term wonder.

  2. Football seems to be getting a lot of coverage in the real world so feels right to point out that the ‘Champions League’ is in fact a cup. The T20 cup in England is also a league and a cup.

    Maybe they should rename the competition to the Indian Premier League And Cup.

  3. Well that red stripped association football team won the “league” in a final last night… makes no sense to me either… I do see the benefit of a league plus final… general high volume of matches not ruling out too many clubs too early with a potentially exciting end…

  4. I’d also like to go and laugh at just how badly Dravid and Ponting did for their money, but as statsguru only covers internationals i would have to actually read the score cards and things… meh… i have toenails to cut…

  5. Tanvir looks a bit Next catalogue in that photo – staring wistfully into the distance, contemplating something deep and meaningful…

  6. Is there a cricketing award for a centre parting? It’s Tanvirs surely – that’s a mother of a bifurcated bouffant

  7. It’s obviously some sort of charity tournament that no one plays properly. How else can you explain Shane Watson scoring runs AND taking wickets?

  8. History on Tanvir:

    Wasim Akram spotted him at a camp for allrounders around July last year. Tanvir told Akram he was a batsman who could bowl a bit. When he bowled Akram was impressed by what he saw and taught him a few tricks for Left arm over and around quicks.

    Fast forward to Sept and the T20 WC. Shoaib Akhtar hits Asif with the bat and gets sent back to Pakistan. PCB searching for replacement. Wasim Akram recommends Tanvir who boards the plan to SA.

    He had a decent debut at the T20 WC. Showed his prowess with the bat as well.

    Makes Test debut against India before which critics and others sho him down saying he can do well in shorter version but not tests.

    Takes 4 wickets in debut innings including those of Dravid, Ganguly, and Laxman, all bowled.

    Pakistan’s spearhead in ODIs against ZImbabwe and Bangaldesh this year.

    Leading wicket taker IPL.

    Has 5 first class hundreds and a few 50s..

    He’s here to stay.

  9. dravid has the 8th highest runs at the moment with his nearest teammate some 160 runs behind. at least he is has worth more then ponting

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