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Latest news from the IPL

It’s been a while since anyone was interested, so what the fudge is going on over there?

Well, everyone’s played either 11 or 12 matches out of 14. Rajasthan Royals are top for whom Mr Ego, Shane Warne, is both captain AND coach. Two points behind them are Kings XI Punjab, who are ‘our’ team.

Being a dyed-in-the-wool, through-and-through Kings XI Punjab diehard FANATIC, we’ve ignored about their last ten games, although we do know that they won their last match by a single run, which must have been pretty exciting.

Once all the teams have completed their 14 matches, a whopping four teams out of the eight are discarded and the remaining four contest semi finals and a final, which pretty much flies in the face of the whole ‘league’ concept. Knock out matches? That’s a cup.

It's Sohail Tanvir as well as Sohail Tanvir's beard and hairSohail Tanvir‘s probably the pick of the bowlers. He’s got one of the lowest averages and he’s only gone for six an over. Of the batsmen, Benevolent Uncle Sanath and Virender Sehwag are the ones who’ve scored a good number of runs at the necessarily ludicrous pace to draw attention.

The end. Check back here in about October if you want news on the knock-out stages, because that’s probably when we’ll get round to covering them

Sohail Tanvir is Pakistan’s ‘go to’ bowler

Got the face onBecause if you go to anyone else, you have to enter an isolation unit and get decontaminated afterwards.

We don’t know for definite, but we imagine that Sohail Tanvir’s in a bad mood. Sohail’s one quarter of a four-man attack and one of the other quarters, Shoaib Akhtar, has got flu and a second, Mohammad Sami, is also rumoured to be under the weather.

This has meant that Sohail Tanvir has had to bowl 24 overs and in Kolkata, that’s no easy work. He’s probably done well to only go for 118 runs. We read one report that described him as looking ‘ragged’. We’re not surprised.

There’s something very satisfying about Sohail Tanvir’s beard. It’s short yet heavy. It almost looks like some enthusiastic marker pen work.

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