Sourav Ganguly’s hair

If you’ve missed or boycotted this year’s IPL, you have only missed one thing: Sourav Ganguly’s hair.

Young Sourav brought himself on to bowl against Delhi and promptly bowled Kevin Pietersen first ball. He then went on a raised-fist jaunt across the field sporting a bizarre bouncing flap of hair.

The image we’ve linked to above simply doesn’t do it justice. It was like he’d slept in a pool of Rogaine which had affected only one side of his head, giving rise to a huge wedge of hair, far longer than the rest, which was reaching out to the world, eager for new experiences.

Sourav has a history of bad hair. For a time, he was doing that thing where men shave too high so that their hair line goes up from the ears towards the eyebrows. It made him look like he had learning difficulties.

Update: Here is the full horror in video form. (Thanks to Deep Cower)

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17 Appeals

  1. I have no idea what you are trying to say with that last paragraph. But I got hold of a video that’s relevant:

  2. How about a list of the worst hair gaffes in cricket? Should be mildly amusing.

  3. Watched the video. Oh my god.

  4. Looks like he’s just woken up. Probably cost him a fortune at a posh hairdressers…

    • As I once heard in an American sitcom, it takes a lot of effort to look like you don’t care.

  5. Erm. His hair was falling off in that clip.

    It’s not good when you hair falls off, something has gone wrong with not just your hair.

    If it falls out, well that’s bad luck, but falling off, that’s weird.

  6. in the era of the IPL, how wonderful is it to watch this –

    Oh warney please please comeback

    • King Cricket

      April 25, 2012 at 10:34 pm

      Never seen that before. That was a really weird over.

    • Best bit of that over was the advert in the middle – the actor was Julie from Neighbours circa 1992-96 (ish). That and Ian Smith’s commentary.

  7. At the risk of talking about actual cricket he should bowl more often. Not only will he take valuable wickets for his team, but he will give the rest of us hours of amusement as his Donald Trump-like combover unravels.

  8. For a long time, Daisy thought that Sourav Ganguly’s name was “Sir Alf Ganguly”, a bit like “Sir Alf Ramsey”, for example.

    There does seem to be some resemblance, not only in the name department, but also in the rogue elements of hair:

  9. Now you want to talk about Ganguly’s hair. Now? Not one year ago, during the World Cup, when I prompted you with Wig-Watch suggestions, chief among them Ganguly. Not a murmer did i get.

    I’m disgusted KC. Not enough to sign up to the Cricketer’s new junk mail newsletter. And the pleasure of calling Dada Sir Alf from now on is some comfort. But still disgusted

  10. Ritesh Banglani

    April 27, 2012 at 6:47 am

    To be honest this hair does help his captaincy. When he runs in to bowl his hair is still setting the field.

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