Sourav Ganguly – Kolkata Knight Riders’ main man?

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There can’t have been many sentences written about Sourav Ganguly more damning than this one by ‘Cricinfo staff’:

“This is not the end of the road for Ganguly because he remains Kolkata’s brand image.”

You’ll always have that, Sourav. You’ll always have your skills as a ‘brand ambassador’.


Mike Gatting wasn't receiving the King Cricket email when he dropped that ludicrously easy chance against India in 1993.


Why risk it when it's so easy to sign up?


  1. He makes life difficult choosing an IPL side to support. Whilst Ganguly is undeniably a twunt, I did like Knight Rider when I was a kid, and therefore feel slightly compelled to lean my ambivalence in the KKR’s direction.

  2. Why does the IPL insist on trying to make cricket like football? Brands are for marketing idiots with PowerPoint presentations. Cricket is the sport that God would play. End of.

  3. Means that Ganguly will keep playing in IPL forever. IPL is all about branding right.

  4. I loved Ronnie Irani’s diatribe about Ganguly. The bush baby’s eyes were twice as big as usual.

  5. bobby k – if you’re not aggressively marketing twunt, then some other twunt will – then everyone will associate twunt with this other twunt and twunt will no longer be yours. Use it or lose my friend.

  6. “Twunt” needs rebranding – stick together the unused letters from its original words – you get a “CAT”.

    Lalit Modi is such a CAT. It doesn’t really work.

    Not sure Miriam would like it as insult very much either.

  7. But ‘cat’ has an association with cool.

    You wouldn’t want any mistakes to be made when used in conjunction with Modi. Cat is going to have to be banned in such circumstances, sorry!

  8. And keeping that animal thing going – yeah I like that – Ganguly as a Bush Baby, that’s the cute rebranded Tarsier isn’t it?

    I think Ronnie may have meant to say Tarsier, but their deal ran out last year.

  9. Excellent suggestion, Ged, but I think that Modi would prefer a sponsor who can pay some serious cash:

    “And that was another superb Schweppes Bitter Lemon Moment of Petulance from Ganguly.”

    “His nineteenth of the match, if I’m not mistaken, and I think he is approaching one thousand for his career.”

    “Yes, the race is definitely on between him and Ponting.”

  10. “A Schweppes Bitter Lemon Moment of Petulance… Here… On a Wednesday.”

    Morrison’s not going to be happy with that many syllables.

  11. I think King Cricket needs both a blimp and a brand ambassador.

    And there’s no run.

  12. Its absolutely stupidity questions u r asking. With out ganguly there is no kolkata kinght rider team. Do appeal these type of quetions here after. Ganguly is Bengal tiger.
    Ganguly is Dadha for Cricket.
    Ganguly is god for Cricket

  13. I am willing to bet that Lakshmanan didn’t get google referred here from the search term “Ganguly Twunt”.

  14. While there are lots of things to hate about Ganguly, one thing I do admire about him is his fighting spirit. He never gives up and I am sure he will fight to the end. His today;s innings was pretty good, helped KKR put up a good total and win.

    Like Steve Waugh said after he retired, Ganguly is one of those guys who you wish was in your team instead of the opposition.

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