Analysis of ICC’s decision to review 2014 restructuring

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The ICC has realised that the ‘Big Three’ changes pushed through in 2014 were…

(a) taking the piss a bit; and

(b) liable to lead to the complete implosion of the sport in the long-term

They have therefore resolved to do something different instead; something a bit less shit.


Mike Gatting wasn't receiving the King Cricket email when he dropped that ludicrously easy chance against India in 1993.


Why risk it when it's so easy to sign up?


  1. While this is indubitably a great thing, and Mr. Manohar seems destined to go down in history as “the person who was less crap than N. Srinivasan”, let me just throw a wet heap of moss onto the bonfire:

    Alongside Manohar on the steering group will be ECB president Giles Clarke, in his role as chairman of the F&CA Committee.

  2. Trying to work out whether that or what i am doing is slightly more depressing. Namely, watching a 46 year old Brian Charles Lara open the batting in the Masters cricket league in the UAE. It also features Gareth Batty and Tim Ambrose.

    Oh… he’s out 3rd ball… Not how I remember it going from my childhood!!

    1. From what I understand, Lara was a reaction-batsman in the day. He could judge the ball impeccably on the spur of the moment, allowing him to draw that flipping great bat down and spank the ball miles.

      While I can see Shiv continuing to play reasonably for years, Lara is a has-been now, there only for the big name appeal. And that’s rather sad.

  3. I thought we’d all agreed that we would get a formal, written warning before Clarke’s face appeared on this site ever again.

      1. I see that you also moonlight as a proper journalist over at, and “have written for more cricket publications than the rest of the team combined” but don’t “especially like cake”. (Saw the article about the Volvo driver getting off largely scot-free for what was essentially attempted murder). How many other jobs do you have? When you fill in tax forms and the like, I presume you declare King Cricket as your only or main job. I’m impressed you’ve had time to keep this place going for ten years!

        Please explain this position on cake however, which seems somewhat incompatible with a love of cricket and all its trappings.

      2. Our position on cake has been outlined on this website before. In simple terms, we don’t much like it.

        And how dare you accuse us of being a journalist. We are no such thing. We will, however, write pretty much anwhere that pays – in addition to producing reams of writing which does not.

      3. Pah, you’ll forever be half the man Rob Key is if you don’t change that attitude to cake. Still, I guess that leaves more cake for the likes of Rob Key.

  4. I’m a bit worried about the recent absence of Nandos Watch™. Can your majesty please inquire as I am worried about players lacking in adequate nutrition.

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