Anyone else sick of DRS talk?

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India don’t like some elements of the decision review system (DRS) and their refusal to use it might at some point come back to haunt them. Okay, we get it. Does the schadenfreude really have to be so obviously primed for deployment?

We also have issues with the term ‘DRS’. This is largely because it’s an abbreviation and we bloody loathe abbreviations. People think every second thing is important enough to warrant an abbreviation these days and it’s not the case. At least half of the abbreviations that are currently in common use are indecipherable to us and it really pisses us off.

An opaque abbreviation implies that elements of the speaker’s world are so important that everyone else should automatically be aware of them. We worked with somebody who once asked a customer whether their RSO had arrived. RSO meant ‘remote swap-out’ and the term had been coined in the office about a week before. The customer was baffled, obviously and we felt like stoving in our colleague’s stupid, self-centred head.

Abbreviations rapidly lose their original meaning as well. If you don’t believe us, we’ve already heard at least one person refer to ‘the DRS system’.


Mike Gatting wasn't receiving the King Cricket email when he dropped that ludicrously easy chance against India in 1993.


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  1. That’s no reason to stove in someone’s head, KC. You really do have AMI.

    1. What the hell is AMI?

      And no, we will not Google it. That is precisely our point. We spend our life typing three-letter abbreviations into search boxes and then trying to work out which one of the 27 options applies to what we just read.

      Seriously, just answer us. What is AMI?

    2. Anger Management Issues. I don’t think an abbreviation existed before, but I was inspired by your post.

  2. They’ve started using it in Formula 1 as well, which makes no sense. At 200mph on the main straight there simply isn’t enough time to get the referral properly processed. I prefer the old system of the on-field umpire allowing overtaking as he sees it at the time. In cricket, though, I think it can be useful in certain circumstances for a fast bowler to open his rear flap to increase speed.

    1. An initialism is a type of abbreviation.

      We never said it was an acronym, if that’s what you’re implying.

  3. Should it be staving in, or were you thinking of having an oven based event?

    Im pretty sure the customer thought your colleague was refering to a Registered Sex Offender, hence the confusion.

  4. Well bugger me, Your Majesty has mystic powers, I’m sitting here reading this and the phone rings,” good evening sir I represent WTF ” ( or something equally daft ). Who the hell are they ? Not that the phone stayed at my ear long enough to find out. Is this sufficiently not about cricket ?

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