England v Sri Lanka Twenty20, Bristol | match report

D Charlton writes:

It was my brother (G Charlton)’s stag do. We went to Bristol and watched the Twenty20. As is customary, he dressed as a morph. And he made some friends.

Do you see him?

By the end of England’s innings, the bloke at the back had said: “You’re allowed peanuts in, Orange, you don’t have to smuggle them.”

By the end of Sri Lanka’s innings, the bloke at the back had said: “I would. I would do Orange, I would.”

This was Orange’s view of the cricket.

He doesn't see you

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11 Appeals

  1. Brilliant stuff, D, but which one is your brother?

  2. Mentioning “the end of the England innings” seems a little excessive for a match report, DC.

    Still, the future is bright IMHO.

  3. Cool. You guys met Alec Baldwin.

  4. We did, didn’t we! I didn’t expect him to have a west country accent either…

  5. He does. Little known fact about Alec Baldwin is that he was born and bred in Tiverton.

    He made the big move a few years ago and has now got a nice seaside property in Dawlish Warren.

  6. G Charlton is getting married tomorrow. Please wish him luck.

    The bride is wearing orange, I hear.

  7. I think I may have seen your brother running up Alpe d’Huez – http://tinypic.com/r/9k2seh/7

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