Best cricket gear

We’ve been greatly influenced by our employer, The Wisden Cricketer, and their gear guide for 2008 – most of our recommendations reflect this. TWC reviewed bats, padding, keeping equipment, helmets and even base layers to provide a comprehensive guide to the best cricket gear that’s currently available.

Cricket bats

Of all the best cricket bats, we can recommend the Kookaburra Big Kahuna, the Puma Stealth 4000 and the Warsop Venom Pro.

Cricket bats used by the pros

Cricket pads and padding

Our recommended pads are Slazenger Elite Pro X-lite pads.

Batting pads | wicket keeping pads | junior cricket pads | cricket thigh pads

Cricket gloves

Our recommended gloves are Gray-Nicolls Nitro pro-performance gloves

Left-handed batting gloves | right-handed batting gloves | wicket keeping gloves

Cricket clothing

You can’t put grass stains on just any old piece of clothing.

Cricket boots | cricket shirts | cricket sweaters | cricket trousers | cricket hats


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