Can lightning strike twice in the same place?

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It can if you install a lightning conductor to attract it. That’s preparation, that is.

It’s no surprise that England mugged Sri Lanka in the first Test when there had appeared no danger, because they had been preparing to do precisely that all season, as detailed in our latest Cricinfo piece.

If your interests include Connect 4 and screaming, you might like that article.


Mike Gatting wasn't receiving the King Cricket email when he dropped that ludicrously easy chance against India in 1993.


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  1. The commenters think you implied something in that article. They’re having a debate about it right now.

    England meanwhile are in the process of relaxing the Sri Lankans again. When we’re all out for 112, then 65 for 7 still 436 behind, presumably that will be the moment to strike.

    1. 100 partnership, oh ye of little faith. This must be the sort of attitude that comes from watching Lancashire for years.

      It’s okay, Bert. England are good now. It’s all going to be okay.

    2. I’ve tried hypnotherapy, but to no avail. I can only watch England as if it’s still 1993. On the plus side, though, it does make every win a surprising high-point.

  2. As usual, I skipped the article and read the comments.

    “Last test eng v/s s,lanka was sare luck i dont thing england that good was pitch was complitly wet ball fliing left right and center, england has to prove home ground in r. pancholi”.

    I think this man complains you have wet balls, KC. Do you?

  3. Its pretty bad. I mean its central features are an obscure board game and Stuart Broad behaving badly… R. Pancholi obviously has more talent.

  4. Can i ask you something? Do cricinfo contributers often communicate? I mean, for example, have you spoken to the chap who writes French Cut?

    Also, how much of a tragedy is it that he gets paid for that comic?

    1. We don’t speak to other Cricinfo contributors. Christ, we don’t really speak to people who work in the same office as us, let alone fellow freelances.

  5. For the record I could barely stop laughing at the idea of a man being hit in the face with a tennis ball. Seriously.

  6. ‘Boring and unfunny, by your standards’

    lucky the cricinfo readers don’t come here. I may start adopting that style of comment in future.

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