Jade Dernbach chooses to use his ‘doing arm’

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Thanks to Sam for pointing this out – although he did make the mistake of saying “Jade Dernbach has got a tattoo on his doing arm,” which is not quite correct.

In reality, the tattoo DENOTES the doing arm. Dernbach is merely acknowledging this by choosing to bowl right-handed – something Mitchell Johnson could learn from.


Mike Gatting wasn't receiving the King Cricket email when he dropped that ludicrously easy chance against India in 1993.


Why risk it when it's so easy to sign up?


    1. Oh good, it wasn’t just me then. I keep seeing images of a somewhat controvesial Big Brother contestant from Bermondsey.

  1. Huge thanks for the links back to pre-Ashes posts (or at least pre Brisbane 2nd innings). It allowed me to read “The Ashes will be back where they beong in no time”, and “…you never bother to try to be more than just a bit better than the opposition” – comments which have matured like a fine claret over the last seven months, and can only now be appreciated in their fullest glory.

    Thanks, KC.

  2. Did I hear just now on Talksport that another player has been injured playing football in a warm-up?

    When will these idiots ever learn?

    How can football ever be an option as a warmup for cricket with its’ inherent tendencies to make players stretch to far/crash into each other, tewak thigh and hamstring muscles whn kicking the ball etc. etc.

    I blame the Coaches. Are they afraid of the players. Can they not say NO to them. It’s madness.

    As an ex full time tennis coach (and lover of football), fully versed in the principles of modern sports science and warm up routines, I’d say that the coaches should ban football and get their fingers out in choosing alternative routines from the numerous options available to them.

    1. A little… Though I did have a point here. Warm up needs to be useful. Playing football gets you warmed up by making you run around. Badminton would do the same, but aren’t both liable to sprain ankles?

      Croquet is at the other end. Croquet is to warming up what drinking another pint of beer is to eating dinner. It’s just not. Crisps don’t count either.

      Trampolining just sounds silly.

      I think I’m trying to say that there are risks to all these activities. Football is the best option as it requires little by way of forethought and everyone knows what they’re meant to do.

  3. ‘jade’ isn’t even english.

    yet another south african clown muscling his tattooed arms into our national side.

    they come over here, steal our stumps.

    it’s broken britain i tells ya.

    1. They come over here, take our jobs, score our runs for us.

      Never thought they’d start taking our wickets though.

  4. The important thing is that another Surrey player has been safely called up (over players that have been in the test squad before and done nothing to merit dropping since).

    This time after never really bowling that well for Surrey, so that’s an extra bonus.

    I understand however that the selectors have a tight schedule, and it’d be unfair of me to ever expect them to venture north of the M25.

    1. Perhaps that explains the selectors’ predisposition for those born in the Southern Hemisphere, Howe-zat.

  5. I was led to believe that the link took me to an article where you decisively proved that the tattooed arm is indeed the doing arm. Instead, all I found was a question about the exact same topic.

    This conclusively proves that whether or not a tattooed arm is a doing arm is still inconclusive.

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