Chris Gayle to play Twenty20 for someone

He's richer than the Fonz, you know

In a not-entirely-surprising move, Chris Gayle has signed to play for Somerset in next season’s Twenty20 Cup.

Gayle’s ‘people’ released a statement quoting him as saying:

“I’m delighted to be heading to [insert name of cricket team]. Hopefully I can make a key contribution to their T20 campaign this year.”

Somerset’s director of cricket, Brian Rose, said that Gayle would get into any world T20 XI.

Low-level cricket media nonentity, King Cricket, said that Gayle would only play for a world XI if he was happy with the pay. Otherwise he’d be playing for a Groningen XI that weekend in the Netherlands Super Twenty20 Cup of Superness, because they’d put together a very competitive financial package.

Stop, stop. Wait a minute.

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5 Appeals

  1. Nathan of Perth

    January 13, 2012 at 1:06 am

    After the misfortune of having had Chris Gayle in the state side in a previous season, it was very satisfying to see the local team get him out in dubious circumstances. Dubious circumstances make wickets all the sweeter.

  2. Maybe if you become a mid-level cricket media nonentity they will ley you have a Wikipedia page

  3. Are you suggesting that His Majesty’s seemingly self deprecating comment was in fact a brag that his status as a nonentity is marginal?

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