Chris Gayle is awesome at Twenty20

Which road shall I hit this into?Amid all the furore when Chris Gayle said he wouldn’t be all that sad if Test cricket died, one key fact slipped into the background: Chris Gayle is phenomenally good at this form of the game. Why wouldn’t he prefer it?

Gayle is an exceptional Twenty20 batsman. Arguably the best of the lot. If you’re the best at something, generally speaking, you’re going to like it.

It was only last night that England were humiliated by the Netherlands. Today, all that was forgotten in the warm euphoria of watching Chris Gayle hit Brett Lee a long, long way out of The Oval; so far you needed to pan out three times on Google Maps to have half a chance of seeing where the ball landed.

Gayle hit three towering sixes off one Lee over and the very best part is what he did immediately after each one: absolutely sod all. He just stood there blank-faced as if he’d just let one through to the keeper. Business as usual.

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6 Appeals

  1. No one would have expected the Aussies to lose in this fashion.. The English atleast took the Dutch to the final delivery!

    Coincidentally, I also just wrote about Gayle being the best in the business.

    He is!

  2. That was brilliant. No-one is going to win the Ashes at this rate.

  3. you forget Hayden. I wish I could too, but… his existence is a fact, unfortunately.

  4. Awesome is such an Australian word.
    In your face.

    “Chris Gayle is rather good at Twenty20”

    There’s a good, honest, English headline for you.

  5. The Allrounder

    June 8, 2009 at 8:26 pm

    Hang on a sec. Gayle is phenomenally good at Test cricket as well. Didn’t he score a triple hundred a while back?

  6. King Cricket

    June 8, 2009 at 10:42 pm

    About four years ago. He’s a very, very good Test cricketer, but only in Twenty20 he can make a reasonable case for being the best.

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