Chris Gayle ‘celebrates’ a fifty

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Chris Gayle enjoying Test cricketWhen Chris Gayle reached his fifty today, he punched the air with both hands and then shook his head. Maybe he doesn’t think this Test feels like much of an occasion.

We don’t know exactly, but to us it seemed like a cricketer who didn’t think much of his own achievement, which is a bit sad as it was a vicious, counter-punching innings that deserved a bigger stage. That seems to be Gayle’s point.

Whatever the reason, we don’t want cricketers to treat any Test as a duff match they can’t be arsed with. Whatever your opinion of Gayle’s pre-match comments about how it wouldn’t be so sad if Test cricket died, he should still be playing in front of a full house. Test fifties, hundreds and wickets should get a reception that fits the achievement.


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  1. My dad was a really rubbish village cricketer, and when he reached his first ever 50, off about 923 balls, he went mental with his celebrations, and proposed to my mum. She agreed, obviously impressed by his sporting prowess. It was even in the paper.

  2. gayle was throwing the bat in frustration.
    he was pretending it was a twenty20.
    shame really.

  3. If Gayle’s confused about what he thinks, no wonder we can’t make head or tail of it.

  4. He clearly doesn’t like test cricket, but why should the opinion of one man who clearly doesn’t like test cricket cause everyone to suddenyl worry for the future of test cricket? No-one should force him to play. Let him do what he wants.

  5. Greed is not nice and Gayle is obviously motivated by the money he can make playing the travesty called twenty20.

  6. Charlie, it’s heartening to think that you owe your very existence to a few edges through the slips and the odd rustic heave.

  7. And presumably some driving between the covers, and maybe a little leg tickle.

    Apologies to Charlie for presenting those images of his parents.

  8. Did the local paper make that joke along the lines of “not only did Pa score 50 runs but he also bowled a maiden over”?

    Kinda figured.

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