Why does Fidel Edwards hate James Anderson?

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Fidel Edwards has mostly been bowling at James Anderson’s head of late. Edwards appears to have some sort of a problem with the Lancashire bowler, giving him a mouthful once every few balls and bowling about 5-6mph quicker due to the adrenaline.

When these sorts of duels get personal, it always reminds us of the best line in Mike Atherton’s autobiography, Opening Up. Whenever England played Pakistan, Atherton’s ex-Lancashire team mate, Wasim Akram, used to bounce him.

“You and Wasim must have really fallen out,” England colleagues would say, “because he always bounces the shit out of you.” Atherton wrote that in fact he and Wasim were and remain the best of friends, “but for some reason he always seemed to bounce the shit out of me.”

Edwards would probably do well to cultivate some sort of feud with an England batsman from further up the order, because it seems to bring out the best in him.

Rumours that Anderson accused Edwards of being ‘a stumpy little gaylord who looks like he wears false eyelashes’ are entirely unsubstantiated and quite possibly fabricated.


Mike Gatting wasn't receiving the King Cricket email when he dropped that ludicrously easy chance against India in 1993.


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  1. Edwards gave Anderson, yet another wrestling related send off today. Makes me think anderson had the balls to tell him its all fake.

  2. Maybe Fidel has been raiding the makeup box of the England team and Anderson wants him to give back the eyeliner, too

  3. Perhaps Fidel Edwards felt qualified only to roll a tail-ender on that rather placid Riverside track.

    Am I the only person who finds Fidel’s send-offs a bit lame?

  4. Edwards trying to bounce Anderson and going back to bowling without any zeal after Jimmy was out! Maybe KP coming to the crease intimidated him. Or for that matter, a regular batsman coming to the crease.

  5. Went to a friends house to watch Saturday’s play. My mate (who is a touch gullable) asked me why I thought Edwards had a problem Anderson. I told him it was because Anderson was a racist.

    Gullable Friend: “Really?”
    Me: “Oh yes, he’s renowned for it in world cricket.”
    GF: “Well how come he’s allowed to play for England then?”
    Me: “Well I suppose it’s becuase we’re a bit desperate for quality bolwers at the moment. The ECB try to keep it out of the spotlight as much as possible but if you look carefully when he bowls, you can just see a Swastika tatoo on the upper part of his arm when his shirt rolls up?”
    GF: “That’s amazing, are you sure?”
    Me: “Oh yeah, google it, it’s probably on Wikipedia.”

    This resulted in my gullable friend spending the next 10 minutes on the internet trying to find evdience that James Anderson was a Nazi sympathiser. He eventually caught on when me and another friend who was there couldn’t stop ouselves shaking with laughter when he said:
    “Well i’ve read his wikipedia entry and it dosn’t say anything about it”.

  6. Dan, for added laughs you should have ‘fixed’ the wikipedia page first.

    Anyway I agree that aiming at another fast bowlers head is ridiculous. Everyone knows to get a REALLY good bouncer in you should be aiming for the back shoulder.

  7. Edwards is the half brother of Pedro Collins – presumably with the other half he is Pedro’s sister

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