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Living within the England panopticon

Writing in The Times, Mike Atherton has said of the England setup:

“The impression is of a closed, institutionalised and claustrophobic world.”

We’re sure he chose his words carefully. It’s also worth noting that this is a man who felt the strains of international cricket despite only ever considering it a game. He has previously written of his efforts to quash feelings that what he was doing was inherently trivial in a bid to muster more emotion and passion:

“I somehow had to convince myself that what I was doing was the most important thing in the world – that if I failed all manner of plague and pestilence would descend.”

The point is, even a man like Atherton felt the pressure and he now perceives an even more mentally taxing environment for current England players.

It’s not so much that players are managed and mollycoddled and supervised, it’s what David Hopps draws attention to in his article for Cricinfo, that players feel like they are being judged at all times.

Imagine that level of surveillance. The principle behind the Panopticon was that people would behave in the desired manner even when they weren’t being watched, simply because they would feel that they might be being watched. Imagine the pressure of that. Imagine the effect it has on you.

The Panopticon was a design for a prison, by the way.

Hopps uses a quote from a nameless England player who says that it can feel like you are constantly being assessed when you’re within the England setup. We have no idea who that player was, but it instantly brought to mind the strange case of Nick Compton, who said after he had been discarded that he didn’t feel that the management really knew him.

More than anything, Compton appears to have been rejected on the basis of his character and while much of the incriminating detail will have been culled from the skittish innings in his final match, you wonder how much was gleaned while watching him away from the middle. Maybe the selectors got that one right, but if other players watching on deduced how the decision was reached, what was the cost?

Why does Fidel Edwards hate James Anderson?

Fidel Edwards has mostly been bowling at James Anderson’s head of late. Edwards appears to have some sort of a problem with the Lancashire bowler, giving him a mouthful once every few balls and bowling about 5-6mph quicker due to the adrenaline.

When these sorts of duels get personal, it always reminds us of the best line in Mike Atherton’s autobiography, Opening Up. Whenever England played Pakistan, Atherton’s ex-Lancashire team mate, Wasim Akram, used to bounce him.

“You and Wasim must have really fallen out,” England colleagues would say, “because he always bounces the shit out of you.” Atherton wrote that in fact he and Wasim were and remain the best of friends, “but for some reason he always seemed to bounce the shit out of me.”

Edwards would probably do well to cultivate some sort of feud with an England batsman from further up the order, because it seems to bring out the best in him.

Rumours that Anderson accused Edwards of being ‘a stumpy little gaylord who looks like he wears false eyelashes’ are entirely unsubstantiated and quite possibly fabricated.

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