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It's Fidel Edwards - duck!

It’s the last over of a long day. The West Indies are bowling. Must be time for Fidel Edwards to bounce the shit out of someone.

This isn’t the first time Edwards has done this during this series, but it was perhaps the best example. Edwards rarely lacks for effort, but he does seem to save his best for the end of the day.

Paul Collingwood got a couple of short balls, but his single a couple of balls from the end was good news for the crowd, because Kevin Pietersen was already a marked man.

Edwards had already ripped one into Pietersen, making the batsman rear up and spazz the ball away from his face in a bid for survival, but the final ball of the day was something else.

It was obviously going to be a bouncer and this is what made it even more special. There was no surprise here. There was no catching the batsman on the front foot. There was simply a perfectly directed 93mph bullet with ‘Kevin Pietersen’s head’ daubed on the side in a virgin’s blood.

Pietersen’s seen his share of short-pitched bowling because half the world thinks he’s a turd. He’s used to it, but he couldn’t do a damn thing about this bouncer. The best he could manage was to turn his back on it, which isn’t exactly textbook. It hit him and went for four.

The scorebook says it hit his bat. Looked like his head to us.


  1. Finally, finally… a reason for neutrals to tune into this test match. Hurray for Edwards… and KP…. (it would have been no fun watching collingwood’s face re-arranged by a bouncer that went through his helmet like a cannonball….)

  2. Of course, had they used the referral system to determine what the bouncer had hit, they would have spent 15 minutes or so reviewing the footage after which, despite the advice given, Daryl Harper would have changed his decision to “byes”.

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