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Why does Fidel Edwards hate James Anderson?

Fidel Edwards has mostly been bowling at James Anderson’s head of late. Edwards appears to have some sort of a problem with the Lancashire bowler, giving him a mouthful once every few balls and bowling about 5-6mph quicker due to the adrenaline.

When these sorts of duels get personal, it always reminds us of the best line in Mike Atherton’s autobiography, Opening Up. Whenever England played Pakistan, Atherton’s ex-Lancashire team mate, Wasim Akram, used to bounce him.

“You and Wasim must have really fallen out,” England colleagues would say, “because he always bounces the shit out of you.” Atherton wrote that in fact he and Wasim were and remain the best of friends, “but for some reason he always seemed to bounce the shit out of me.”

Edwards would probably do well to cultivate some sort of feud with an England batsman from further up the order, because it seems to bring out the best in him.

Rumours that Anderson accused Edwards of being ‘a stumpy little gaylord who looks like he wears false eyelashes’ are entirely unsubstantiated and quite possibly fabricated.

Advice for Fidel Edwards

Surprised they managed to line up the high-five correctly to be honestMaybe just bowl at the stumps, eh?

Surely by now you’ve realised that your team mates have tiny, rigid, Lego man hands with unbending fingers that can’t catch cricket balls. Give it up. They’re only going to let you down.

Fidel Edwards took 4-53 today and could quite realistically have had seven. Spazz-handed fielders and West Indian wickets have contributed greatly to Edwards’ Test bowling average of 40 if this last year is anything to go by.

Fidel Edwards’ bouncer

It's Fidel Edwards - duck!

It’s the last over of a long day. The West Indies are bowling. Must be time for Fidel Edwards to bounce the shit out of someone.

This isn’t the first time Edwards has done this during this series, but it was perhaps the best example. Edwards rarely lacks for effort, but he does seem to save his best for the end of the day.

Paul Collingwood got a couple of short balls, but his single a couple of balls from the end was good news for the crowd, because Kevin Pietersen was already a marked man.

Edwards had already ripped one into Pietersen, making the batsman rear up and spazz the ball away from his face in a bid for survival, but the final ball of the day was something else.

It was obviously going to be a bouncer and this is what made it even more special. There was no surprise here. There was no catching the batsman on the front foot. There was simply a perfectly directed 93mph bullet with ‘Kevin Pietersen’s head’ daubed on the side in a virgin’s blood.

Pietersen’s seen his share of short-pitched bowling because half the world thinks he’s a turd. He’s used to it, but he couldn’t do a damn thing about this bouncer. The best he could manage was to turn his back on it, which isn’t exactly textbook. It hit him and went for four.

The scorebook says it hit his bat. Looked like his head to us.

Typical Fidel Edwards

Fidel Edwards - mercurialBurns in, takes 3-18, tricks you into thinking he’s finally arrived as a fast bowler, then takes 0-32 in his next spell and finally ends up with those same three wickets for about 120.

Stupid, round-armed short-arse.

Tillakaratne Dilshan’s saving Sri Lanka with 58 not out off 57 balls. We can’t quite believe that he’s 31 and we can’t quite believe that he’s averaging 37 in Tests. We thought both figures were lower. Another mindless, autopilot article about young players finally coming good goes begging.

Once upon a time, we weren’t bound by ‘facts’ and wrote what we felt like.

Fidel Edwards signs for Worcestershire

How many West Indian cricketers does it take to change a light bulb?A good signing for Worcestershire, but perhaps an even better deal for Fidel Edwards.

The lack of West Indians appearing in county cricket is both a symptom of their current weakness, but also a cause. A great line of West Indians have broadened their cricketing education in England, from Learie Constantine in the Lancashire leagues of the Thirties to Brian Lara – who seemed to know quite a bit anyway in scoring 501 in a single innings.

But recently county cricket’s been awash with Australians and second-rate South Africans. Any new Australian Test batsman can be guaranteed to have eaten up county attacks for at least a couple of seasons. Mike Hussey and Phil Jaques have played over here for years. It’ll be no surprise when they’re not fazed by the conditions in 2009.

But West Indians have been missing these benefits. Edwards should learn a little about bowling while he’s in England, but he should also learn something about being a professional. Overseas pros are expected to perform because they’re the biggest names in the team.

Kumar Sangakkara said that philosophy helped his batting attain the rare heights of late. It’s up to Fidel Edwards how he responds, but he’s at least got a good opportunity here.

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