A Test double hundred must be quite good fun for Chris Gayle

No bin diving for Chris Gayle todayStill a man defined by his ‘wouldn’t be so sad if Test cricket died’ pronouncement, Chris Gayle can’t help but have enjoyed hitting a double hundred against Sri Lanka in the first Test at Galle.

All those gaps in the field, plenty of overs in which to keep swishing – what’s not to love? Who wants to leave a restaurant after just having a starter? If you left, you’d only find yourself out in the cold, face pressed up against the glass, coveting others’ main courses.

What would you do then? Would you go round the back and pick stuff out of the bins? Is that what you’d do? Eh? Eh? Would you? Would you pick stuff out of the bins? You disgust us.

Chris Gayle likes Test cricket a little bit.

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4 Appeals

  1. I’m told KFC sponsoring the take-away cricket in Australia couldn’t be more appropriate.

    Chris Gayle hitting a Test Double hundred is like Nazar from that pizza van suddenly remembering he has a Michelin star.

  2. Chris Gayle does not play take-away cricket.

    Chris Gayle’s T20 stuff is pure class, like those high-class snacks you get in posh delis or ludicrously-priced bars.

    Also, he has a serene dignity afforded to only the very few.

  3. He seems to prefer short naps to bestial roars, though.

  4. Who defines him that way? Gideon Haigh?

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