Death of a Gentleman’s out on DVD

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We’ve all bought films on DVD because we feel guilty about going to Croatia instead of attending the premiere, haven’t we?

To be honest, we’d have bought it anyway. It’s a great film. Weirdly lovely, despite the somewhat bleak subject matter. Plus, as an added bonus, owning the DVD allows us to publish screengrabs of Giles Clarke’s face.

Like this:


Or this:


We know that phrenology was debunked a long, long time ago, but surely a facial version of it stands up to scrutiny. Are you seriously telling us you can’t make an accurate judgement of Clarke’s character purely by looking at his pomplous, cloying, suety face?


Get Death of a Gentleman on DVD. It don’t cost much.


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  1. Do you mind?

    This was the first thing I looked at on-line after eating my Sunday lunch.

    It very nearly produced returns with interest (as Giles Clarke might say about his deal with Allen Stanford).

  2. Can Kimber and Collins honestly say that they didn’t use the same CGI for Clarke that George Lucas used for Jabba the Hutt in the Star Wars re-releases?

      1. Oh Srinivasan is super sympathetic. He’s like your kind if somewhat stern old uncle, who just happens to be an evil dictator in his spare time.

  3. How good’s the ‘acting’ from the likes of ‘Kevin Pietersen (Actor)’ and ‘Rahul Dravid (Actor)’?

  4. Clarke went to Rugby School. Over 90% of the curriculum at Rugby School is devoted to a subject known as Pomposity Studies (with Further Narcissism). The student is taught the ancient methods of dealing with Lesser People, the first lesson being that the category “Lesser People” includes everyone else in the whole world.

    In these photos, Clarke has adopted one of the twelve classical postures from this discipline. In this case it is Posture #7 – the You Are Not Worthy To Be In My Presence posture. His angle of repose is perfectly chosen to demonstrate utter contempt for the interviewer. The increasing gap between the lapels of his jacket, accentuated by the tie, is designed to suggest a fatness built on massive wealth. The left arm draped casually over a chair is saying, “I am not sitting up straight for you, you worthless piece of shit.”

  5. Australia won, India won, England lost, and Giles Clarke’s face is on King Cricket. It’s not been a good week.

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