Deteriorating batting performances late in a career

Matthew Hayden’s been interviewed. You don’t know how much we’ve missed this.

He was asked about his deteriorating batting toward the end of his Test career and, as ever, he’s crystal clear about what happened.

“Suddenly questions are asked about your ability and performance, which is absolutely rubbish because your skills and your mindset don’t change much. You don’t lose power, what you do lose is that absolute ability to play it off and that can sometimes lead to poor performances.”

So, in summary: questions are asked about your performance, which is ‘absolutely rubbish’ because all you’ve lost is the ability to prevent poor performance.

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5 Appeals

  1. I’m truly happy for you, KC. You must be so relieved.

  2. I hope he’s writing a book.

  3. Well, there’s always his culinary efforts. Anyone lucky enough to own a copy?

  4. Oh God. I bet the recipes are ridiculous. If he follows his ‘Why use a simple word when seven incorrect ones will do?’ policy, then I’d imagine that making an omelette would be quite an ordeal.

  5. I must remember His wise words next time anyone suggests that I’m useless at playing cricket.

    “I’m not useless, I merely lack the absolute ability to play it off – that sometimes leads to poor performances”

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