Eoin Morgan does something mental with his cricket bat

We saw this plastered across Jrod’s Balls yesterday. It’s Eoin Morgan doing something quite ridiculous in the name of batting.

It’s pretty impressive, but is he really that good?

He can play that shot well enough in those circumstances, but how well would he bat with his upper arms tied to his chest with electrical wire so he could only move from the elbow down, kind of like a tyrannosaurus rex?

How well would he bat then, eh?

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10 Appeals

  1. Given that the result of all this bat twirling was that he hit a leg-side delivery somewhere behind square on the leg side, which is the outcome of most normal sweep shots, I think the greater question is why?

    Was he just showing off, the great show-off?

  2. Seems a little pointless to me.

  3. If He was to bat like A TRex he’d probably be a bit busy biting the head off the square leg umpire to play that shot. though the ball would be called a wide and the fact a multi Ton dinosaur would be rampaging around the outfield would probably cause the match to be abandoned.

  4. It’s the reverse-reverse sweep! My life is complete!

  5. Eoin does seem to have rather a lot of time to change his mind and stuff.

    T Rex’s were OK with cricket bats, as shown in the attached picture link to the Wikipedia article on T Rex cricket:


  6. You’ll need to cut and paste that link – the bracket in the file name seems to confound KCs system.

    Worth the effort though.

  7. SarahCanterbury

    May 13, 2009 at 9:44 am

    Morgan was “just a bit good” on Monday. Have rather too many photographs for my liking of him playing cheeky little dinks and sweeps!

  8. I have a firm dislike of batsmen who show all of their teeth between deliveries and take the piss with reverse everythings.

  9. To be fair to Eoin, he scored 161 off 136 balls in that game, and his strike rate was 250 on balls that he played the reverse sweep.

  10. iam morgan best fan

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