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Video: Mitchell Johnson playing tennis right-handed

Well, looks like we’ve got to the bottom of that whole ‘bowl to the left, bowl to the right’ thing. Turns out Mitchell Johnson is right-handed.

Here’s some expert coaching advice, Mitch: bowl with your other hand.

Better late than never with these kinds of tips.

You may already have been aware of Johnson’s ambidextrousness/confusion. We weren’t. Responding to yesterday’s post – in which we reminded people that when only one arm is tattooed, it should the ‘doing arm’ – Top shelf tweeted us to point out that Johnson signs autographs right-handed.

There we were mistakenly thinking that Johnson had the wrong arm tattooed. Turns out the correct one had been tattoed all along and he’d simply been using the other one to bowl by mistake.

They’re finally using robots to promote cricket tournaments


About time.

This particular robot’s got flames for eyes and is, quite frankly, a bit of a tosser.

Also keep an eye out for the guy who doesn’t know how to clap. That’s our favourite bit.

Assuming embedding doesn’t work in the email – because it never does – here’s a link so that you know what we’re on about.

What has the East Asia-Pacific region ever done for cricket? THIS!

Howe drew our attention to another official song, saying: “Perhaps deserves a post of its own.”

You’re not wrong, Howe.

Our favourite line is: “Everyone can win it. From the team of PNG to someone else.”

Who says the East Asia-Pacific region hasn’t made its mark on the cricket world?

What a game of cricket looks like to Americans

“Look how he fringes the ring there.”

Thanks to Ne for sending this to us.

Newsreader’s ‘small and impressive’ joke about the Ashes

Brian pointed us towards this. We haven’t really got anything to add.

Not enough Blu-Tack in cricket

You know it and we know it too.

Thankfully, there’s a little bit of Blu-Tack on the Wisden Cricketer blog at the moment.

The bit where some of the Blu-Tack looks sad is a high point.

Straight Outta Surrey – cricket, Received Pronunciation and hip hop, together at last

Have you ever thought to yourself how hip hop music could be improved if the artists used Received Pronunciation and made tracks about cricket?

Thought so.

Thanks to Vil for pointing us towards this and apologies to those of you who knew about Mr B the Gentleman Rhymer already and are absolutely staggered that we’re so slow with these things.

Actually, no, not sorry. Sod you. We pride ourself on not knowing what’s going on in the world. We will not apologise for that.

Eoin Morgan does something mental with his cricket bat

We saw this plastered across Jrod’s Balls yesterday. It’s Eoin Morgan doing something quite ridiculous in the name of batting.

It’s pretty impressive, but is he really that good?

He can play that shot well enough in those circumstances, but how well would he bat with his upper arms tied to his chest with electrical wire so he could only move from the elbow down, kind of like a tyrannosaurus rex?

How well would he bat then, eh?

Video of Dimitri Mascarenhas’s five sixes to end England’s innings

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