Straight Outta Surrey – cricket, Received Pronunciation and hip hop, together at last

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Have you ever thought to yourself how hip hop music could be improved if the artists used Received Pronunciation and made tracks about cricket?

Thought so.

Thanks to Vil for pointing us towards this and apologies to those of you who knew about Mr B the Gentleman Rhymer already and are absolutely staggered that we’re so slow with these things.

Actually, no, not sorry. Sod you. We pride ourself on not knowing what’s going on in the world. We will not apologise for that.


Mike Gatting wasn't receiving the King Cricket email when he dropped that ludicrously easy chance against India in 1993.


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  1. Fabulous ! Never thought I would hear the names of Compton and Brearley sung with such gusto…

  2. Yet another socially disfunctional sub-culture for your readership to overlap with. Bring on the venn diagrams

  3. For a moment I thought you were being equally appreciative of my wit, but no… you were just pedantically pointing out a minor mistake in The Smudge’s comment.

    I had been quite pleased that people liked my joke, but now, conforming fully to the First Law of Melancholy, I am sadder than I was before. There’s only one solution – I’ll have to go and look at a graph of Mike Hussey’s batting average.

  4. Bert, we were fully appreciative of what was a fine, fine joke. We hope that sharply declining line cheers you.

    We also enjoyed the inadvertent joke in The Smudge’s comment to the extent that we will forever call a hi-hat a top hat from now on.

  5. I realised my mistake as soon as I hit the Appeal button. I was, however, confident that someone would correct it. I was not disappointed.

  6. This would be Jim Burke, vocalist/rapper from the mighty 90’s band Collapsed Lung.

    You all probably know Collapsed Lung from their song ‘Eat my Goal’, used in many an advert.

    If you even have a passing interest, try and get your hands on the albums ‘Jackpot Goalie’ and ‘Cooler’. Collapsed Lung provided 2 of the best gigs in my life, one in a hovel in Derby, the second at Rock City in Notts.

    Reform already would you?

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