They’re finally using robots to promote cricket tournaments


About time.

This particular robot’s got flames for eyes and is, quite frankly, a bit of a tosser.

Also keep an eye out for the guy who doesn’t know how to clap. That’s our favourite bit.

Assuming embedding doesn’t work in the email – because it never does – here’s a link so that you know what we’re on about.

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11 Appeals

  1. This may be promoting unrealistic expectations.

    Personally I’d have liked it more if Robotron was given out to a dubious LBW from one that kept low (forest floors look like they’re generally prone to that, though I can’t support this by empirical observation) and swung a bit (dank places, forests), delivered by a dibbly-dobbly part-timer who’s mostly there so he can bat at seven.

    • Yes – this seemed to suggest that that mythical extra yard of pace will cure all ills when in reality all but the highest-quality ‘genuine pace’ bowling just disappears to the boundary faster in T20.

    • Steven Mullaney is an all round good egg in my book. Certainly more a long-form than short-form cricketer in my view, but the sort of fellow who is up for any challenge – including (presumably) putting up his hand for a bit of ham acting for the promo video. His internet radio appearances are among the best I’ve heard from players still active in the game, btw. Respect.

      We do urgently need some intelligence on the identity of the geezer who claps out of time with everyone else. He looks a bit like the bald version of Wallace Shawn – a favourite playwright/actor/all round good egg head of mine…

      …that’s right – he looks like a shorn Wallace Shawn…but it’s not Shawn. Who is he? We deserve to know. We need to know. We also need to know why he can’t clap in time with everyone else. It’s actually harder to clap out of time with a crowd than it is to clap in time. Special.

  2. Interesting interview with Tino “Rampant” Best on the BBC World Service:

  3. I’m confused. The robot stole the Spirit of Cricket, which apparently is a fiery white globe (at least that’s cleared up). But the Spirit of Cricket is a good thing to have, and a bad thing not to have. So the Nottinghamshire Outlaws (no Spirit of Cricket) attacked the robot (with Spirit of Cricket), and we’re supposed to think that’s a good thing?

    Also, they need a new bat supplier, because that’s not normal.

  4. Is the Robot supposed to be Jason Roy?
    I can’t remember if we concluded whether he was, or was not a robot during the T20 World Cup, or even if it was a good thing for England or Alex Hales if he was?

    • I think we decided he was half robot, half tinder.

      Don’t think about it too hard.

    • King Cricket

      May 20, 2016 at 8:53 am

      We can’t remember either, but if the guy in this is Jason Roy, we feel moved to suggest that it would be a good thing if he were a robot.

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