Cricket was played either side of the Pennines – a County Championship round-up

It was an uncharacteristically eventful week by the standards of the 2016 County Championship with two whole wins in the first division.

Two losses as well, we suppose.

The wins/losses

After three successive draws, Yorkshire soared like a heron to their habitual place at the top of the table. Surrey kept pace with them for an innings and a third, at which point Joe Root and Jonny Bairstow happened. Yorkshire then shared the wickets about en route to an innings victory.

Lancashire soared like an-ever-so-slightly fatter heron to second place after an innings victory of their own over Hampshire. The Great Neil Wagner made the decisive contribution with two wickets in the match and he was ably assisted by James Anderson (six wickets) and Luke Procter (137 runs and three wickets) before Simon Kerrigan exploited arid springtime conditions to take 5-59.

Lancashire are one point behind Yorkshire, but have a game in hand.

The draws

It pissed it down at Lord’s and they got through barely much more than a day’s play. You already know about Sam Robson’s hundred, so we won’t mention that.

It also pissed it down at Edgbaston and they played even less. Boy-faced Tom Willingon Abell made a ton.

Yes of course Willingon is a real name and yes of course Abell’s really called that.

The table

We’ve already talked you through this so this section’s basically redundant. Nottinghamshire are third if you want us to go all ‘in-depth analysis’ about things.

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6 Appeals

  1. “Lancashire soared like an-ever-so-slightly fatter heron to second place after an innings victory of their own over Somerset.”

    Oi! Somerset did not get beaten by an innings by anyone! We’re one of only six unbeaten sides remaining in the whole league! We might have beaten those wanky Birmingham Bears too were it not for two days of rain. But we might also have lost.

    I quite like your use of an alternative bird to break up the eagle’s dominance of this particular flight metaphor though.

  2. I have a sudden fondness for Ravichandran Ashwin after today’s mustelid.

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