What a game of cricket looks like to Americans

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“Look how he fringes the ring there.”

Thanks to Ne for sending this to us.


Mike Gatting wasn't receiving the King Cricket email when he dropped that ludicrously easy chance against India in 1993.


Why risk it when it's so easy to sign up?


    1. The proper ones? Saturday or Sunday? I’m going on Sunday and *I* was going to send a match report to KC. -stomps off- -returns-

      In keeping with KC’s rules I was going to focus on partying (I hate to use that as a verb) West Indians and a Kiwi supporter (apart from myself, showing some trans-Tasman love), if I can find one, and any non-immigrant Americans at the match (apart from myself). (You can tweet @jaynefrances63 if you’re going to be there.)

    2. From the “bugger, I didn’t expect that!” files, tickets for tomorrow are apparently no longer available online. Trying to figure out whether to risk the drive down from Orlando – what was the crowd like today? Likely to be any lawn tickets available?

    3. It was very full, must have been close to a selllout in the stands but there looked to be some room on the mounds. The parking and ticket entry were an utter shambles, so we missed the first three overs. I think there were tickets available at the game but we bought ours online a few days ago – we had a much longer drive than Orlando so didn’t want to risk it.

  1. Just imagine a shorter form of this game, with the players in coloured clothing, music and dancers on the side of the lawn between each ring. Now THAT could be commercial dynamite.

    But PLEASE don’t try to ruin it with a decision review system. The referee’s decision should be sacrosanct and final in a gentleman’s sport.

  2. The referee looks just like present-day Dennis Lillee, too, which adds another level of awesome.

    1. I do find Shahid Afridi hot in a sort of, well, Shahid Afridi sort of way.

  3. Just a little bit of context (I know, I know, who needs context?): this is a bit from Dutch satire show Jiskefet and it’s what I show to friends who want to know how cricket works. After showing this, actual cricket looks a lot simpler 😉

  4. Thanks for nothing Jiskefet.

    All that work I have done grooming the three “Ged Ladd & Co” Americans for cricket, including the Lord’s experience…

    …now they’ve seen that clip, they want to go see the Jiskefet game rather than cricket. They say it looks more interesting to them…

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