What has the East Asia-Pacific region ever done for cricket? THIS!

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Howe drew our attention to another official song, saying: “Perhaps deserves a post of its own.”

You’re not wrong, Howe.

Our favourite line is: “Everyone can win it. From the team of PNG to someone else.”

Who says the East Asia-Pacific region hasn’t made its mark on the cricket world?


Mike Gatting wasn't receiving the King Cricket email when he dropped that ludicrously easy chance against India in 1993.


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  1. Ours was the 200th view of that video. We’re interested to see how much that figure rises.

  2. I still don’t know which eight teams make up the Asia-Pacific region, though. They really could have used someone to shout out the names of each team during the bridge.

  3. I was 260th

    Today’s ICC Matches

    Oakes Oval: 10am, Samoa v Fiji. 2.30pm, PNG v Samoa.
    Heaps Oval: 10am, Japan v PNG. 2.30pm, Japan v Vanuatu.
    Mortimer Oval: 10am, Cook Islands v Philippines. 2.30pm, Philippines v Indonesia.
    Blair Oval: 10am, Indonesia v Vanuatu. 2.30pm, Fiji v Cook Islands.

  4. I was number 287.

    PNG play Vanuatu tomorrow. Winner take all.

    I’m torn here. The PNG song is a major contribution to music and cricket. Also, the choice of “Seven Nation Army”, which I have been working upon on my baritone ukulele (a challenge a couple of octaves up on that base line) made me smile a lot.

    But a few years ago I met the then serving prime minister of Vanuatu, which is more than I can say for any other nation in the world, including our own.

    Actually, it has to be Vanuatu. Any nation whose national anthem is called “Yumi Yumi Yumi” and has a tribe that worships Prince Philip deserves our unequivocal support.

    Yumi, yumi, yumi I glad long talem se
    Yumi, yumi, yumi ol man blong Vanuatu.

  5. 316

    I liked the bit with the bins best. The first time round, when they did little lifts of the lids in time.

    Nice to see that they play off both the front foot and back too.

    Thanks KC and Howe.

  6. 340

    There should be a warning that this video features the Philippines team on a miniature railway.

  7. 380

    “Everyone can win it. From the team of PNG to someone else.”

    This was lyrical genius but it was also a lie.

    The level of mismatch between most of these teams is impressive, in a way. You might think they are all equally inept, but far from it. They are far further apart from one another than, say, the gap between the Irish, Dutch and English teams.

  8. The Hong Kong v Nepal T20 was good fun.

    Nepal “recovered” from 25/8 to 72 all out.

    Hong Kong quickly got stuck in to replicating this feat, managing to reach 7/3, 12/4, 21/5 and 48/7 before somehow contriving to hobble home with one ball and two wickets remaining.

    Good old fashioned low scoring stuff. Though if that is how they fare against each other’s bowling attacks I don’t know if they’re ready to face the big boys yet.

    Shame really as the idea of the Third Test in Kathmandu sounds rather picturesque.

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