1992 Cricket World Cup theme song

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We try and avoid video-based updates because we always consider people skiving work to be our main audience. It’s hard to convince your boss that you’re working when they can hear a video playing on your computer.

That said, this is too good to miss.

Has rock ever come any softer?

This is how cricket songs are supposed to be. It’s specifically about the sport, even though that renders the lyrics utterly ridiculous; it’s got a shouted list of the main teams; the guitar solo’s what can only be described as ‘soaring’; and the whole thing’s cheesier than a stilton fondue/Matt Prior.


Mike Gatting wasn't receiving the King Cricket email when he dropped that ludicrously easy chance against India in 1993.


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  1. A glorious example of what can be achieved between last orders and drinking-up time.

    “Who’s gonna take out the Cup?”

    Eh? What does that even mean?

    “It’s a once in a lifetime chance”

    Or not, as it turned out: many participants made it twice in a lifetime in ’96. Sachin Tendulkar? Six chances in a lifetime.

    1. Beats The Ashes Song from 1971:

      “When we arrived people said/ The Aussies would leave us for dead/ But we knew we would prove them wrong/ And that’s why we’re singing this song”

  2. I’ll tell you what – after watching that video I don’t half fancy a fag, and I don’t even smoke.

    Anyway, what I remember from that tournament is not the song, strangely enough. It was this:

    47.5 One run. 22 needed now from 13 balls, this is getting very exciting, a place in the World Cup Final up for grabs. Oh, is that rain.

    We’re back, only twelve minutes lost to rain, hardly any time at all. Last ball of the match coming up…

    49.6 One run, England win. South Africa unable to get the required 21 runs from that last delivery. A deserved victory for England, who really put the pressure on SA during that rain break.

  3. I have long considered it a great shame that England didn’t win the 92 World Cup, given how Zimbabwe’s only victory in their bottom-of-table performance came by humiliating England in the group stage.

    The fact that the group stage was a round robin of all 9 teams means that Zimbabwe’s position left them the undisputed worst team of the tournament, which is harder to achieve these days with multiple groups. And it’s hard to construct those neat little loops like

    A > B > C > D > … > Z > A > …

    England’s fairly narrow failure in the final deprived of such an opportunity.

    A slightly more convoluted loop could have been created if the weather hadn’t prevented England from chasing down the grand target of 74 to beat Pakistan in the group stages, but if anything that just makes the final defeat an even more annoying couldabeen.

    1. In fact, have there been world cups in *any* sport where the undisputed worst team beat the eventual champions? (Arguably if such an event occurred, it wasn’t really a “cup” after all, but I will save the pedantry for later.)

    2. Pakistan came close in ’99 by “losing” to Bangers and then making the final, and at the last one India managed to only tie with England, who must be close to the worst one day side in the world.

    3. But in 99, there were two groups so we never got to see eg Kenya vs Bangladesh and it isn’t clear who was worst. Kenya didn’t win anything. Mind you neither did Scotland and they were in Bangladesh’s group. For me what makes England’s 92 loss to Zimbabwe so great is that Zim were clearly hugs worst team there – the table says so – and England were in touching distance of the trophy.

    1. Famously released the day after England were knocked out and with London’s two largest stores reporting zero sales 24 hours later.

  4. Ahh… way back in the days when the New Zealand Airforce had aeroplanes. How quaint the idea seems seems now.

  5. Since KC is Mr. Cricket Twitter, I thought that the following series of tweets from imVkohli might be of interest.

    “What have I done?”
    “I think I may have done something wrogn today”
    “To be honest it did feel right”
    “If it feels right can it be wrogn?”
    “To hell with it, I’m sticking with wrogn”

    The thing I love most is his dedication to the wrogn spelling.

    1. Apparently, he’s “gonna share what [he’s] done “wrogn” soon.” I’m on the edge of my seat here.

      And at time of reading, that last tweet has 305 favourites.

    2. If we know international cricketers on Twitter as well as we think we know international cricketers on Twitter, in an hour or so he’ll reveal that the thing he’s done ‘wrogn’ is spell ‘wrong’ as ‘wrogn’.

      A lot of players are utterly contemptuous of their followers, treating them as if they have subhuman levels of intelligence. People like that will respond, reinforcing that perception.

    3. And there was me thinking it was vaguely endearing. “Endearat Kohli” has a bit of a rign to it.

  6. My favourite bits of this wonderful video are a) Desmond Haynes yawning, and b) the Australian flag getting only a nanosecond of screen time during the shouty bit, presumably because the editor messed up the timings rather than anti-Australian prejudice. Those truly were the days.

  7. Virat Kohli
    So guys “WROGN” is…. my breakaway youth fashion brand. Follow my brand @STAYWROGN Hope you enjoyed my tweets today 🙂

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