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Video: Steve Smith tries to counter Wriddiham Saha’s ball-delving

Day one of the third Test between India and Australia. Glenn Maxwell played cricket and made runs, Steve Smith uglied yet another hundred and Wriddiham Saha went snuffling around in the Australian captain’s crotch in an attempt to pluck out a ball.

Here’s a video.

Got to admire his persistence.

1992 Cricket World Cup theme song

We try and avoid video-based updates because we always consider people skiving work to be our main audience. It’s hard to convince your boss that you’re working when they can hear a video playing on your computer.

That said, this is too good to miss.

Has rock ever come any softer?

This is how cricket songs are supposed to be. It’s specifically about the sport, even though that renders the lyrics utterly ridiculous; it’s got a shouted list of the main teams; the guitar solo’s what can only be described as ‘soaring’; and the whole thing’s cheesier than a stilton fondue/Matt Prior.

Andrew Flintoff advert

As in, it’s the advert featuring Andrew Flintoff, not an advert for Andrew Flintoff.

Fred pretty much markets himself.

They’re selling off the pedalo for charity as well. We’ve always wanted to own a famous pedalo.

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