Video: Steve Smith tries to counter Wriddiham Saha’s ball-delving

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Day one of the third Test between India and Australia. Glenn Maxwell played cricket and made runs, Steve Smith uglied yet another hundred and Wriddiham Saha went snuffling around in the Australian captain’s crotch in an attempt to pluck out a ball.

Here’s a video.

Got to admire his persistence.


Mike Gatting wasn't receiving the King Cricket email when he dropped that ludicrously easy chance against India in 1993.


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  1. If The Big Show makes a century against India in India, then what is life anyway?

    First Brexit, then Trump, now this.

    1. If that happens, the answer is actually “worth living”.

      What kind of a person doesn’t like Glenn Maxwell?

  2. Saha definitely crossed the line with that one. Steve Smith didn’t, he just pressed his crotch against the line and rubbed it round a bit, but he didn’t cross the line. Australians don’t cross the line.

    1. He didn’t even press his butt up against the line, or whatever it is that Michael Clarke always says.

    2. Indeed it is clear that Steve Smith didn’t cross the line. Obviously he didn’t.

      But did he have a brain fade? Aussies do have those. Steve Smith by his own admission has them.

      Did Saha have a brain fade? It looked more like a brain fade than a line cross to me, but I have only watched that embedded vid on a tiny screen.

      I think the broadcasters need more technology, much like snicko for edges, to determine these items.:

      Fado (r) to detect brain fades.

      Lino (r) to detect breaches of the line.


  3. Hundred for Maxwell. The world’s gone mad.

    I’m trying to think of the English equivalent. It’s like Luke Wright scoring a century against India in India. Not beyond the realms of possibility, but flipping ridiculous.

  4. The North aren’t off to a very good start against The South, are they?

    In better news (unless you are Southern or hate Bangladesh, neither of which conditions I have any sympathy for), Shakib’s knock for Bangladesh has given them a first innings lead over Sri Lanka.

    1. Only two double-barrelled names on the South team sheet – standards are slipping.

      Come on, chaps!

      “Down in the south, down in the south…”

    2. North’s batting really isn’t very northern.


      Hong Kong
      Cumbria (tick)

      1. If we’re going to base this on where you were born, we might as well discount the runs scored by half the England team for the last 15 years

      2. We’ve already established that it is our firm belief that the teams should be determined on a vowel sound basis.

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