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During Sunday’s play, the England and South Africa supporters did a duet, trading verses of their respective Moeen Ali/Hashim Amla songs which both employ the tune of No Limits by 2 Unlimited.

It was really rather entertaining – although they persisted for so long that we can still hear it in our mind’s ear well over 24 hours later. Watch it for yourself. We especially like the bit where the South Africa fans all duck down and bob rhythmically when it’s the Moeen Ali verse.

If you watch the video, you can clearly see that Hashim Amla enjoyed it. Perhaps this was the moment when he shrugged off the despondency that afflicted his batting throughout 2015.

This is not good news for England, because history tells us that once he’s up and running Hashim Amla WILL NOT GO AWAY.


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  1. Followed that link and then saw the link to Little Master Cricket. Immediately started playing and scored a quick 87. Now to neglect all work duties and resume my quest to beat Lara’s record. Best I ever got was 297.

  2. This is one of those matches so far, isn’t it? Not really that motivating, but hopefully South Africa don’t just collapse at random, which tends to be decisive on one side or other in these scenarios and consigns the match to a bit of a mess. Would be cool if a side declared at 700/7, the next were on 400/4 when the game was called off, etc.

  3. Irritatingly Stokes got his 200, forcing the chant to finish.

    I was at the ground and spent most of the morning session watching Hashim’s Army sing, as the cricket was incredibly dull until mid afternoon.

    1. I don’t think he ever got the message that you don’t make a pass at the TV lady, no matter how hot she may be. That said, it was far more entertaining, if only as cringe-viewing, than most ordinary interviews, where the players are reading from the Little Book of Cliche.

      1. Is obviously not “the thing to say”, but the reaction to this has been way overblown. It was a bit weird and awkward, but fining him $10,000? Journalists in tears on the radio saying how much it upset them and accusing him of being a creep? Chris Rogers basically saying he’s never liked Gayle? Come on, people.

      2. Agreed, Sam. His biggest crimes are being a bit of a twunt, and believing his own hype. He’s ‘done a Wagner’, if you will.

  4. From being clear favourites I would say that the only team that could win this match is safrica. Get close to England and bowl them out cheaply. Very very small chance though.


    I’m still enjoying this days later… what else can it work with? Any two-syllable name… did the Indian fans do it for Sachin? They probably still do!

    1. You really need a two-syllable surname as well, to end the verse on.

      Yet another reason why Gary Ballance should be back in the side.

  6. hahahaha this made me laugh, best chant ive ever seen, i assume they were all together, given the fancy dress. You would never see this kind of class or creativity in a football crowd

    1. Another sport has its version (Yaya/Kolo) but it obviously won’t be nearly as good, on account of it being from That sport.

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