Hashim Amla beards 253 not out

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Hashim Amla beards the crowdHashim Amla bearded India all round the park in bearding 253 not out.

Bearding for most of the day, his bearding was immaculate throughout. Amla did struggle to beard against Amit Mishra for a while, but he bearded that problem by bearding his head down and bearding before bearding other bowlers.

Despite this, we don’t really know where this match stands. Test matches in India are very hard to predict these days. The first few days are generally just jockeying for position with the timing of declarations as important as wickets. Then suddenly, at some point on day three or four, it all kicks off.

Hashim Amla might have some bearding to do yet.


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  1. He will know by lunch tomorrow how much more batting he will be required to do in this test. If Sehwag stays till lunch, he will have to come out again for more bearding..

  2. “Many a thing you know you want to tell him
    Many a thing he ought to understand
    Amla. Makes me. Cry.”

  3. I think he’ll be OK for a rest from bearding in this match, as Dale Steyn has just ugly-stupid-faced straight through the Indian lower order.

  4. The stage is set now for Tendulkar to aw-look-at-his-little-baby-face-isn’t-it-cute India to a lead of 190, which the entire South African team can then disbelievingly-staring-at-the-pitch to achieve.

  5. Game over.. Thanks to Steyn..

    Expect a square turner for the second test and the series will be drawn 1-1.

  6. Suddenly, I’ve got the vivid mental picture of Andy Caddick in a dress. Sporting a full beard.

    I have no idea why it’s Caddick.

  7. ‘The Sikh of Tweak’ just has a better ring than ‘The Sikh of Reverse Swing’.

    You’ve always got to consider the nickname before you embark upon a career.

  8. Dale Steyn; 8 upper and lower order wickets in a day on an Indian pitch – Dale is beautiful Bert!

  9. Oh dear. The exclamation mark says trouble. To be fair, though, if you are talking about some intangible sense of beauty associated with his bowling, then I’m right with you. It’s only his face I have trouble with, and then only from a looking at it point-of-view. It’s too… pointy, and it’s utterly incapable of wearing a smile. Just Google-Images Dale Steyn (maybe you already have), and then remember that on all those close-up shots the photographer was begging him to smile a bit more. That’s the best he got, right there.

  10. Hopefull these games in the Emirates will encourage a few more of the locals to start playing. One day we may have:

    ‘The off break Sheikh’

  11. Don’t worry Bert I know what Dale looks like, I did mean the bowling. I don’t have to google him – I’ve tried taking pictures of him – there is one here. http://planetdurham.wordpress.com/

    In that picture I think he manages to look unusually cute [it’s a bit blurry], although – yes – he is not smiling. Most of the time I think he looks like one of the synth operators in one of those Germanic electronic bands – they never smile either.

  12. Lovely pics 668

    Ben Stokes is quality. He will be on a KC Ones to Watch list in the next few years.

    You heard it here first!

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