By the gods of Olympus, Dale Steyn can swing a cricket ball

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Dale Steyn - more than his fair share of sinewsStumps. Everywhere.

Shaun Tait might have notched 160kph this week, but Dale Steyn’s shown that if you add swing to the mix, you’re sorted. In fact, he didn’t even need to resort to scorching pace against India. It’s good to have scorching pace to fall back on when you aren’t swinging the ball this way and that and taking eight wickets in a day.

Not many fast bowlers take eight wickets in a day in India. That’s mostly because of the pitches, but Dale Steyn doesn’t rely on the pitch to take wickets. He swings the ball and puts it right up there where the batsman has a go at it. Later in the innings, he does exactly the same thing only with reverse swing. Bouncers are rare and lethal because of that.

Indian fans might not agree right now, but the cricket world needs Dale Steyn. Great bowlers are a rarity and Steyn’s proving himself great.

Next time someone calls you ‘a Steyn on this planet’, take it as a compliment.


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  1. Stellar performance from Steyn. Eight wickets during the day – five of which were amongst the top-7 batsmen. And most likely to follow up with more on Day 4. Stupendous man!

  2. Surely the phrase “by the gods of Olympus” has to be followed by the phrase “bring forth the Mongoose”.

    Where does this Dale Steyn stuff come from?

  3. Apparently Steyn was only bowling at mid 130’s yesterday. I missed it, because I was sleeping with Angelina Jolie.

  4. Tait’s a big girl’s blouse, giving up first class cricket just so he can bowl the occasionaly really fast ball in those stupid tight Aussie KFC kits.

  5. Alex, that’s like watching Dennis Lillee and being reminded of what Derek Pringle could have been. So I’m glad you don’t agree with yourself on this one.

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