The best official cricket songs in the world… ever!

We know that you’re all looking forward to hearing the official World Cup song, even if it’s inevitable that it will fall some way short of this masterpiece.

We’ve looked back on some of the other great official cricket songs from down the years for All Out Cricket.

They include The Ashes Song from 1971. These lyrics must have taken them months.

When we arrived people said
The Aussies would leave us for dead
But we knew we would prove them wrong
And that’s why we’re singing this song
Oh! The feeling is great
For losing is something we hate

You can read more about this and other classics here.

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6 Appeals

  1. Unforgivable lack of the East Asia – Pacific region

  2. I’m sad. This has made me sad. It’s the bit about Brian Johnson that has done this. He was brilliant, but these lyrics are… it’s hard to explain, but I’ll give it a go.

    Les Dawson played the piano badly, so hilariously badly that you knew he must be very good at piano playing. Hitting a duff note is easy. Les Dawson hit precisely the right bad note at precisely the right moment for maximum effect. From all the possible bad notes to choose, which is a lot, he found the absolute best one.

    This is not that. This is bad, but it is not genius bad, it’s lack-of-effort bad. I would have expected (I don’t know why) that Brian Johnson would have been able to do a Les Dawson on this, but it just isn’t that. I think he was actually trying to make it good. This has made me sad.

  3. I sometimes wonder what unofficial songs should be used to teams. I always imagine England’s being the Trooper by Iron Maiden: a headlong plunge into anihilation soundtracked by screams, wailing guitar solos and 50,000 sweaty blokes bellowing along at it all.

    Also, I need to stop using my music collection to drown out Shane Warne, Ian Botham et al during cricket season.


    Did yer maj have a quiet word?

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