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Take a look at our current range of cricket T-shirts

Football supporters love wearing their team’s shirt to show their allegiance. The same thing’s never really happened with cricket shirts.

This is largely because the majority of one-day shirts look like football shirts and cricket supporters don’t generally want to look like football supporters – not even a bit.

It’s not a superiority thing; it’s an inferiority thing. Football shirts and one-day cricket shirts are inferior to all normal clothes. Even duffel coats.

But maybe you still want a cricket-related T-shirt; a nice one; one that isn’t hideous. FEAR NOT.

We’ve teamed up with to offer some T-shirts that you might actually want to buy and you can get a whopping 20% off if you use the code King2009 when you buy summat.

Popping Crease have a range of designs. People who know us might be interested to know that we like this one:

Nice cricket shirt

And also this one:

Unusual cricket shirt

Go to and use the coupon code King2009 for 20% off.


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  1. As long as you don’t mind the stitching and label being on the outside.

  2. I want one that’s completely plain on the front, but on the back has an image of an England batsman walking back to the pavilion. Do they do that one?

  3. The irony of someone named Suave commenting on this thread is not wasted on me.

    Good luck and best wishes with your fashion statement, KC.

    From Ged “Sophisticated” Ladd

  4. I would have thought with your readership you should do a collection featuring cats.

  5. We played no part in the design of these shirts.

    If we had, the best design would have been ‘plain’.

  6. That’s pretty good, although we’re not sure we could bear to look at ourself in the mirror.

  7. Can we now look forward to posts in the style of last year’s IPL, when the commentators would actually say things like “That’s a Toyota six”, and “He’s bowled him, that’s his third Nokia wicket of the day”.

  8. Jesus Christ, you are more grabbing than the tory with the broken pipe under his tennis court.


    (this is quite a half hearted attack, I apologise, not fully woken up yet.)

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